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Accion Labs Innovation Summit 2024

Accion Annual Innovation Summit 2024

Kuala Lumpur | March 7-9

The 10th annual Accion Innovation Summit, held at the Hilton Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, marked a significant milestone in the convergence of global tech leaders. Over 235 senior executives and leaders from 12 countries gathered to exchange cutting-edge innovations, best practices, and transformative ideas across various industries. The summit was truly exceptional with more than 60 attendees delivering remarkable sessions and engaging in thought-provoking discussions.

The summit commenced with an insightful keynote from Kinesh Doshi, Founder and CEO of Accion Labs, wherein he outlined the company’s vision for 2024, emphasizing continuous innovation and the delivery of strategic value for clients. He offered several critical company updates like its ongoing investments in proprietary platforms like Accion Connect and KAPS, driving forward the boundaries of technological advancement. Additionally, FredriK Haren made a fitting start to the summit through his engaging talk on creativity, addressing common barriers to implementing change and providing practical strategies for overcoming them.

This year’s summit's agenda revolved around three central themes:

  • Generative AI and Data-Driven Enterprises: Delving into the ethical development of AI and its transformative potential. A key highlight was enhancing data quality through advanced synthetic data generation techniques.
  • Digital Acceleration via Multi-Platform Architecture: Exploring the convergence toward a new digital stack enabled by the integration of cloud platforms, data fabrics, automation, and AI/ML capabilities.
  • Measuring and Managing Engineering Productivity: Offering invaluable guidance for optimizing software delivery processes. Some of the major topics included strategic product portfolio rationalization, bridging communication gaps across the SDLC through quantitative user experience metrics (QUM), etc.

Throughout the summit, there was a tremendous level of audience engagement, with attendees actively participating in discussions and posing numerous questions to each speaker. This interactive environment fostered a collaborative exchange of ideas and insights. Additionally, engaging panel discussions allowed experts to share perspectives on emerging technologies, including Web3, the metaverse, self-healing systems, and revolutionary biotech innovations.

The Accion Experience Center provided an immersive showcase of Accion's latest innovations, including intelligent apps, Generative AI solutions, and DevSecOps automation. Overall, the Innovation Summit turned out to be a huge success, blending expert insights with real-world applications. It effectively fostered collaboration among leaders from diverse industries and geographies, facilitating the exchange of ideas and shaping the trajectory of technological innovation for the future.


  • Day 1: Thursday, March 7
  • Day 2: Friday, March 8
  • Day 3: Saturday, March 9

Welcome and Summit Overview
Presenter : Ramesh Narasimhan

Company Updates and Outlook
Presenter : Kinesh Doshi

Investor's Industry Outlook
Presenter : Sameer Kanwar

The World of Creativity - A Journey around the World to Learn about Human Creativity
Presenter : Fredrik Haren

Summit Agenda and Overview
Presenter : Ashutosh Bijoor

Code of Ethics for AI Development - Acceleration within Guardrails
Presenter : Jerome Jelocha

Strategies for Product Portfolio Rationalization
Presenter : Dwayne Melancon

Using Process Intelligence and AI to build Digital Twin Solutions
Presenter : Shoeb Javed

Data Management: The Cost of Doing Nothing
Presenter : Paul Haisman, Mary Basani

Panel Discussion
The Next Big Thing

Experts discuss Web 3.0, Quantum Computing, AR/VR, Biotech, Metaverse, Digital Twins, AIML/GenAI, Cybersecurity, Self-Healing, and more..
Presenter : Sameer Kanwar

A Framework for using Generative AI for Enterprise Transformation
Presenter : Jaywant Deshpande

Architecture and Demos of Gen AI Solutions
Presenter : Bharadwaj Satbhai, Shrijeet Polke

Panel Discussion 2
Innovation Accelerated
Innovating Faster and Better - Innovation lifecycle, Product-Market fit, Roadmapping, Emerging Technologies, GenAI
Presenter : Kinesh Doshi

A Strategic Framework for Data Driven Business Transformation
Presenter : Mandar Garge

Practical Techniques for Enhancing Data Quality through Synthetic Data
Presenter : Karteek Yadavilli

Machine Learning Applications for DevSecOps - Enhanced Security and Efficiency through AI
Presenter : Jon La Plante, Nilesh Kulkarni

Experience Center Visit

A New Enterprise Digital Stack - A Convergence of Platforms
Presenter : Nitin Agarwal

Digital Banking - A Multi-Platform Solution Blueprint
Presenter : Shikhar Singh

Multi-Cloud, Multi-Platform Orchestration - A Healthcare Case Story
Presenter : Mikunj Joshi

Multi-Cloud Data Management - A Need for Data Synchronization
Presenter : Tarun Agarwal

Improving Customer Experience using Intelligent Apps
Presenter : Padmavathi Vijay, Sanket Shah

Automating Enterprise Workflows across Multiple Enterprise Platforms
Presenter : Pranav Mehta, Sushrut Shivagunde

Panel Discussion 3
Moving to the Next Level of Digital Acceleration
Challenges and Opportunities for Addressing the Fast Paced "TikTok" Generation of Users
Presenter : Nitin Agarwal

From Technical Debt to Business Value - A Strategic Approach
Presenter : Nischal Vasantlal Doshi

Demystifying Engineering Metrics - A Two Tiered Management Approach
Presenter : Mahalakshmi S R

Panel Discussion 4
Transforming the Product Organization
SDLC, Organization Strategies, Tooling, Automation, GenAI"Transforming the Product Organization SDLC, Organization strategies, Tooling, Automation, GenAI"
Presenter : Ramesh Narasimhan

Architecting for Change - a Guide to Re-engineering and Modernization
Presenter : Saurabh Periwal

Bridging the Communication Gap in SDLC using Quantitative User Metrics
Presenter : Arathi Shamabhatta, Dhanapati Marepalli

Strategic Paths for Incremental Product Portfolio Rationalization
Presenter : Hemesh Thakkar, Vaibhav Satam


Arathi Kudinalli Shama Bhatta

Principal Architect - Design

Ashutosh Bijoor

Global Chief Technology Officer

Aswani Karteek Yadavilli

Vice President of Analytics

Dhanapathi Marepalli

Senior Technical Architect

Hemesh Thakkar

Senior Solutions Architect

Kinesh Doshi

Group CEO

Mikunj Joshi

SVP Healthcare Practice

Nischal Vasantlal Doshi

Director - Technology

Padmavathi Vijay

Senior Cloud Architect

Paul Haisman

Chief Information Officer

Mahalakshmi S R

Delivery Manager

Ramesh Narasimhan

Global - Chief Delivery Officer

Sameer Kanwar

CEO & Partner at Basil Technology Partners

Saurabh Periwal

Senior Technical Architect

Sanket Shah

Senior Cloud Architect

Shoeb Javed

Chief Product Officer

Tarun Agarwal

Azure Cloud Data Architect

Vaibhav Satam

Senior Technical Architect