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Accion Annual Innovation Summit 2023

Dubai | March 2-5

The summit agenda consisted of two and half days of deeply thought-out topics, with a tremendous level of audience engagement with multiple questions posed to each speaker. This made the summit highly interactive.

The first day started with:

  1. Accion’s impact in client innovations and a 2022-23 company update, presented by Accion CEO Kinesh Doshi
  2. A keynote speech by ex-Gartner analyst Bhavish Sood on new innovations in technology and business models
  3. An investor’s perspective provided by Aditya Sharma of TA Associates

The next two days were packed with 30-minute sessions back to back, with breaks for coffee and lunch interspersed. The primary themes that we covered in this year’s summit were:

  • Innovation Engineering Lifecycle - Cognitive Smart Cities, User Engagement in Lotteries, Measuring Outcomes in Digital Transformation initiatives, and Measuring Psychological Complexities in UX design
  • Digital Product Engineering - Complexity and technical debt management in digital application architecture, product portfolio management, managing planned user churn
  • Data Analytics & AI/ML - Data Analytics Maturity Model, Data Mesh, Spark Alternatives, Easy Answers in AI, Knowledge Graphs
  • Cloud Platforms - Boomi extended integration suite, ServiceNow solution blueprints
  • Automation - Design Intelligence in Hyper Automation, Test Data Management, Automated Pathology Testing of User Experience, Automation of IAM configuration
  • Emerging Technologies - Impact of AI on digital skills, Generative AI and Large Language Models, Interoperable Smart Contracts
  • Panel Discussions on Emerging Technologies, Innovations and Maximizing Value in Digital Initiatives
  • Demo Booths covering various innovative solutions and platforms - ServiceNow, Accessibility, Finite State Machines for UI, Boomi, VoiceNow (ServiceNow), Nexial, Passage3D, Hasura, etc.


  • Day 1: Thursday, March 2
  • Day 2: Friday, March 3
  • Day 3: Saturday, March 4

Welcome and Opening
Presenter : Ramesh Narasimhan, Amy Halter

Keynote: Accion Labs-The Journey is the Destination!
Presenter : Kinesh Doshi

Keynote: An Analyst Perspective
Download PDF Presentation
Presenter : Bhavish Sood

Keynote: An Investor’s Perspective
Presenter : Aditya Sharma

Keynote: Summit Themes and Agenda Overview 2023
Download PDF Presentation
Presenter : Ashutosh Bijoor

Emerging Technology: Smart Cities, or the Next Paradigm Shift: Cognitive Cities!
Download PDF Presentation
Presenter : Jorge Saraiva

Product Engineering: Managing User Provisioning When Churn is Part of Your Business Model
Download PDF Presentation
Presenter : Paul Haisman

Automation: Decision Intelligence in Hyper Automation
Download PDF Presentation
Presenter : Shoeb Javed

Product Engineering/Data: Emergence of Backendless Applications - GraphQL and Data Federation
Download PDF Presentation
Presenter : Dwaip Chowdhury (DC), Bikram Kundu

Data/AI-ML: Driving Business Transformation with Data & Analytics Maturity
Presenter : Aswani Karteek Yadavilli, Sriram Bajrang Bulusu

Emerging Tech: Smart Contracts: Interoperability and Scalability of Decentralized Applications
Download PDF Presentation
Presenter : Shahid Shaikh

Emerging Tech: The Evolution of Digital Skills and the Role of AI
Download PDF Presentation
Presenter : Ramesh Narasimhan

Data/AIML XaaS: Data Mesh on Cloud - A Modern Distributed Data Architecture
Download PDF Presentation
Presenter : Tarun Agarwal, Padmavathi Vijay

XaaS: Solution Blueprints for Application Integration using Boomi
Download PDF Presentation
Presenter : Juned Ahmed, Arun Srinivasan

Product Engineering: Keeping Users Engaged – A Look into Digital Lottery Products
Download PDF Presentation
Presenter : Amit Chhabra

Data/AI-ML:Emerging Tech: Generative AI, LLMs (like ChatGPT) and ML in Production
Download PDF Presentation
Presenter : Chetan Khatri

Data/AI-ML: Knowledge Graphs on Steroids, with Natural Language Queries
Download PDF Presentation
Presenter : Bhushan Bonde

Panel Discussion: Emerging Technologies: Merely Buzzwords or Real Business Benefits?
Presenter : Tom Collins

Product Engineering: Pathology of UX: Measuring Psychological Complexity in User Experience Design
Presenter : Arathi Shamabhatta

Product Engineering: Measuring Technical Debt to avoid Technical Bankruptcy
Presenter : Nischal Vasantlal Doshi

Product Engineering: Complexity Management Through Architecture Patterns
Presenter : Saurabh Periwal

Automation: Determining the Optimal Operating Model for Enterprise Test Data Management
Download PDF Presentation
Presenter : Abhijit Banerjee

Product Engineering: Accountability of DTx in Healthcare
Download PDF Presentation
Presenter : Mikunj Joshi, Sunil Das

Data/AI-ML, XaaS: Is Spark Losing Its Sparkle? - Big Data Analytics Reinvented
Download PDF Presentation
Presenter : Dwaip Chowdhury (DC), Sanket Shah

Panel Discussion: Tech Organization Strategy - Are We Inventing or Innovating?
Presenter : Sameer Kanwar

Data/AI-ML: Easy Answers for Enterprise AI at Scale
Download PDF Presentation
Presenter : Vaibhav Nadgauda

Product Engineering: Mitigating the Risks of Manual User Provisioning Using Automation
Download PDF Presentation
Presenter : Raghuraman Ramaswamy

Product Engineering: Best Practices for Measuring Engineering Efficiency and Productivity
Download PDF Presentation
Presenter : Venugopal Reddy, Mahalakshmi S

Product Engineering: Methods to Achieve Architectural Realignment in Product Portfolio Rationalization
Download PDF Presentation
Presenter : Hemesh Thakkar, Bikramjeet Nath

Automation: An Approach for Automation of Quantitative User Testing
Download PDF Presentation
Presenter : Dhanapati Marepalli

Product Engineering: Using Finite State Machines to Model and Build Complex User Interfaces
Download PDF Presentation
Presenter : Vaibhav Satam, Kejal Shah

Automation/ XaaS: Solution Blueprints for Accelerated Implementation of Service Workflows
Download PDF Presentation
Presenter : Anand Madhav, Pranav Mehta

Panel Discussion: Software Process / Tools - How Do I Know Each Dollar I Spend Is Driving Value?
Presenter : Anand Raja


Abhijit Banerjee

Director, Digital Assurance

Aditya Sharma


Amit Chhabra

Technology Leader

Anand Madhav

Head – Solutions

Anand Raja


Arathi Kudinalli Shama Bhatta

Principal Architect - Design

Arun Srinivasan

Sales Lead for Boomi

Ashutosh Bijoor

Global Chief Technology Officer

Aswani Karteek Yadavilli

Vice President of Analytics

Bhavish Sood

Managing Partner

Bhushan Bonde

Chief Scientist Healthcare

Bikram Kundu

Senior Engineering Lead

Bikramjeet Nath

Senior Technical Architect

Chetan kumar Khatri

Senior Technical Architect/AI -ML

Dhanapathi Marepalli

Senior Technical Architect

Dr. Poornima Prasad

Global Chief People Officer

Dwaip Chowdhury (DC)

Chief Architect

Hemesh Thakkar

Senior Solutions Architect

Jorge Saraiva

Chief Innovation Officer

Juned Ahmed

Solution Engineer

Kejal Shah

Technical Architect

Kinesh Doshi

Group CEO

Mahalakshmi S R

Delivery Manager

Mikunj Joshi

SVP Healthcare Practice

Nischal Vasantlal Doshi

Director - Technology

Padmavathi Vijay

Senior Cloud Architect

Paul Haisman

Chief Information Officer

Raghuraman Ramaswamy

Senior Technical Architect

Ramesh Narasimhan

Global - Chief Delivery Officer

Sameer Kanwar

CEO & Partner at Basil Technology Partners

Sanket Shah

Senior Cloud Architect

Saurabh Periwal

Senior Technical Architect

Shahid Shaikh

Senior Technical Architect

Shoeb Javed

Chief Product Officer

Sriram Bajrang Bulusu

Senior Data Architect

Sunil Das G.

Senior Delivery Director

Tarun Agarwal

Azure Cloud Data Architect

Vaibhav Nadgauda

CEO of AppOrchid

Vaibhav Satam

Senior Technical Architect

Venu G Reddy

Senior Technical Architect

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