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Goa 2022

Summit 2022

Accion Annual Innovation Summit 2022

It's great to see you in person! That was the expression that filled the buzzing hallways of The Westin in Goa, India - the venue for Accion Innovation Summit 2022. During the two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the work-from-home experience was a realization that human interaction is vital for innovation. The summit had 250+ attendees from 10+ cities and 6 countries eager to learn something new, meet colleagues and leaders, and enjoy the white sand beaches of Goa.

The last two years have been exciting for Accion Labs as we have grown multifold in our talent force and skills matrix across geographies. The velocity of technology change has kept architects and developers busy learning new tools, adopting best practices, and implementing new ideas for our customers. The summit over 3 days had 70 speakers, 25 technical sessions, and 10 live demo stations to take us through emerging trends, industry best practices, architecture, and code walkthroughs.

The key topics that were covered included Metaverse, Artificial Computational Intelligence & Machine Learning, Architecture Governance, Experience Design, Low Code Platforms, Microservices, Site Reliability Engineering, Micro-Frontends, Mindmaps, Test Automation, Accessibility Best Practices, Conversational Interfaces, Digital Experience Platforms, Computer Vision and more. In addition, latest feature updates were shared on Accion accelerators Breeze-the digital transformation platform and Nexial-the test automation platform.

Thank you everyone for joining us, but most of all for inspiring us with the amazing work you do.