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Jaywant Deshpande

Chief Solutions Officer

Jaywant Deshpande
Jaywant has 27+ years of IT experience. 

After commencing his career with the National Stock Exchange, India, Jaywant transitioned into IT consulting with Wipro Technologies. A visionary with a clear mindset, he sought diverse experiences and spent a decade in the UK working as an Architect and Design Authority for renowned organizations, including Friends Provident, Legal and General, Barclaycard, and National Grid.

As the Chief Solution Officer of Accionlabs, Jaywant spearheads and oversees the continual evolution of key innovations, processes, and systems across the company. His responsibilities encompass client relationship management, delivery excellence, quality assurance, talent management, and leadership development.

Jaywant boasts an exceptional track record in leading, developing, and delivering extensive and strategic IT outsourcing services covering applications and infrastructure. He has exhibited robust leadership in steering transformative initiatives across diverse industries, establishing successful businesses with end-to-end accountability.

Passionate about technology and leveraging it for a competitive edge and enterprise growth, Jaywant, with his distinctive technical acumen, takes a keen interest in software design and enterprise architecture.

Beyond his professional commitments, Jaywant finds joy in playing Chess and Tennis.