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AWS Cloud Managed Services

AWS Cloud Managed Services

Accion Labs offers cloud consulting, architecture, migration, managed services, and implementation on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our cloud experts assist and manage cloud infrastructure for some of the top global companies as well as SMBs. Accion Labs has some of the best cloud experts working on both application development and infrastructure management. We leverage AWS to develop customized solutions for your business.

Our AWS services include:

  • AWS Cloud Consulting
    If you are currently on the cloud or contemplating to move to the cloud, we provide you expert consulting, audit, and advise on how exactly you can use of AWS for making your application highly efficient and scalable
  • AWS Cloud Migration
    Our AWS cloud specialists analyze your present IT infrastructure to recommend a way to migrate your applications and content to AWS effortlessly. We have successfully migrated many business critical applications on AWS
  • AWS Cloud Application Development
    Accion Labs has an expert team of AWS consultants and developers who will be ready to help you with all your AWS cloud-related concerns
  • AWS Managed Services
    We offer our hands on expertise on AWS to manage all your AWS related databases and infrastructure and your application deployment on AWS

Maximize the Performance of your AWS applications, Minimize cost of your AWS infrastructure with our World Class Premium Support Services. Contact us at to know more.

  • ExcelToWeb
  • KnowledgeMesh
  • TABit
  • SatisfactionPlus
  • SCORM Offline Player
  • BIVA
  • eZe Social Intelligence
  • CloudMAP


This tool streamlines the digital transformation process by seamlessly transitioning Excel spreadsheets into robust web applications. It enables organizations to enhance collaboration, improve data accuracy, and eliminate manual errors associated with manual data entry.
Innovation-Knowledge Mesh
Our comprehensive data analytics and visualization tool incorporates unique AI capabilities, enabling advanced querying and data-driven insights. It empowers enterprises to derive meaningful conclusions from vast amounts of data, facilitating informed decision-making and driving business growth.


- Revolutionary platform to build interactive mobile apps with self service content updates
- Creates multiple apps evolving from one master app
- Apps that are editable on-the-go and can be tracked
- Creates targeted apps with refined and relevant content


- A solution that focuses on the empowerment of insights, the impact of action and the power of agility
- A new approach to customer experience
- Smart Data Collection (SMS, Email and Social)
- Dashboard & Analytics
- Case Alert Management
- Review Management
- Integrations


- HTML SCORM course player that makes your courses mobile ready, without touching your code or content
- Keeps track of course progress in offline mode
- Engages users even if they are not online
- Tracks progress on a centralized dashboard
- Syncs course progress with LMS whenever internet is available



- D3 based visualization accelerator with the ability to show various charts and allow real time slicing and dicing of data to extract meaningful analytics
- Powerful dashboard solution to fulfil your business data consumption needs out of the heaps of data from multiple sources
- Built on strong JavaScript library which produces dynamic, interactive data visualizations in web browsers
- Platform to analyze social media, gauge users sentiments & develop the right marketing strategy
- Provides keyword analysis of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, YouTube


Open platform that integrates best industry toolset for:
- Provisioning and Configuration automation
- Performance management
- Security assessment
- Cost & cloud optimization