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Managed Services for AWS

Managed Services for AWS

Once you opt to run your infrastructure on the cloud, you come across various challenges in managing the service. This can take a significant amount of time from your business operations, and managing infrastructure in the cloud requires your full-time attention, demanding your time, energy, and resources. Now, leave your cloud management worries with us. Our team of AWS certified specialists manages all your AWS-related databases and infrastructure along with your application deployment on AWS. While we take on your load, you can dedicate your focus to your business. We ensure that all our customers' business operations are fully secure.

As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services provider, Accion Labs enables businesses to realize the benefits of AWS cloud hosting through a complete range of managed services, including outsourced AWS systems administration and AWS-based network and storage solutions.

Accion Labs has a world-class team with in-depth knowledge and expertise in exploiting the AWS ecosystem. We can help enterprises and web application deployments make the best use of EC2, redundancy of S3, persistent elastic block storage (ELB), and scalability provided by Elastic Load Balancers. Accion Labs also has hands-on experience with SimpleDB, RDS, and DynamoDB.

Accion Labs offers the following services under the umbrella of AWS Managed services:

  • On-premise/Off-site AWS administrators
  • Deployment and configuration of applications on AWS
  • Application performance monitoring
  • Resolution of AWS-related incidents
  • Backup and disaster recovery

All managed services are governed by stringent SLAs and emergency event management services. The managed services SLA list is available here.

Our other AWS managed services offerings include:

  • AWS Account Monitoring and Management
    Your AWS account is managed by us along with your user access, billing and payments, monthly reports on resource utilization and billing.
  • AWS Infrastructure Management
    We take care of your infrastructure monitoring and complete infrastructure management. We utilize a proprietary cloud management platform and various other tools to actively monitor your cloud for fault recognition and fast response.
  • Cost Optimization and Planning
    Here we plan your AWS costs and aim to reduce your total cost. We utilize advanced cloud computing tools and technologies to give you the best.
  • DevOps Automation
    We help you build an agile platform to efficiently deploy new applications to production. Our automation services focus on automating your cloud infrastructure for both your existing and new applications and optimize your IT infrastructure to deliver high-performance applications.

If you are looking for custom development and consulting to integrate cloud technology into existing applications, Accion Labs offers you the right platform and solutions. Contact us today at; our team of AWS professionals will be ready to assist you.

Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Compute and Networking: EC2, Auto Scaling, EMR, Route53, VPC, ELB, Direct Connect
  • Storage and Content Delivery: S3, EBS, Glacier, Import/Export, Storage Gateway, CloudFront
  • Database: DynamoDB, RDS, Redshift, ElasticCache
  • Deployment and Management: IAM, CloudWatch, CloudFormation, Elastic Beanstalk, Data Pipeline
  • Application Services: CloudSearch, SWF, SNS, FPS, SES, SQS
  • Support: Business, Enterprise

Enhanced by Accion Labs Web Services

  • Managed Services: Deployment and configuration of applications, Application Performance Monitoring, Resolution of AWS related Incidents and Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Advisory Services: Resource Usage & Billing Optimization, Application Architecture Validation and Consulting, General Consulting and query resolutions and Auto-scaling implementation 
  • Operations and Reports: Monthly Reports, Quarterly Reviews, Customer Scorecard
  • Enhanced Support: Executive Escalation, Enhanced TAM SLA, Customer Advocate
  • Cost & Usage tracking: Cost and Usage Break-up of each AWS Asset level as well as group level
  • Recommendations: Cost Saving, High Availability, Auto Scaling and Assets Optimization Recommendations
  • ExcelToWeb
  • KnowledgeMesh
  • TABit
  • SatisfactionPlus
  • SCORM Offline Player
  • BIVA
  • eZe Social Intelligence
  • CloudMAP


This tool streamlines the digital transformation process by seamlessly transitioning Excel spreadsheets into robust web applications. It enables organizations to enhance collaboration, improve data accuracy, and eliminate manual errors associated with manual data entry.
Innovation-Knowledge Mesh


Our comprehensive data analytics and visualization tool incorporates unique AI capabilities, enabling advanced querying and data-driven insights. It empowers enterprises to derive meaningful conclusions from vast amounts of data, facilitating informed decision-making and driving business growth.


- Revolutionary platform to build interactive mobile apps with self service content updates
- Creates multiple apps evolving from one master app
- Apps that are editable on-the-go and can be tracked
- Creates targeted apps with refined and relevant content


- A solution that focuses on the empowerment of insights, the impact of action and the power of agility
- A new approach to customer experience
- Smart Data Collection (SMS, Email and Social)
- Dashboard & Analytics
- Case Alert Management
- Review Management
- Integrations


- HTML SCORM course player that makes your courses mobile ready, without touching your code or content
- Keeps track of course progress in offline mode
- Engages users even if they are not online
- Tracks progress on a centralized dashboard
- Syncs course progress with LMS whenever internet is available



- D3 based visualization accelerator with the ability to show various charts and allow real time slicing and dicing of data to extract meaningful analytics
- Powerful dashboard solution to fulfil your business data consumption needs out of the heaps of data from multiple sources
- Built on strong JavaScript library which produces dynamic, interactive data visualizations in web browsers
- Platform to analyze social media, gauge users sentiments & develop the right marketing strategy
- Provides keyword analysis of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, YouTube


Open platform that integrates best industry toolset for:
- Provisioning and Configuration automation
- Performance management
- Security assessment
- Cost & cloud optimization