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Model View Controller (MVC)

IntroductionModel-View-Controller (MVC) is probably one of the most talked about acronyms in the web programming world in recent years. The MVC pattern is widely used in program development with programming languages including Java, Smalltalk, PHP, C, C++, Ruby on Rails, Django, ASP.NET MVC, Express and others. This pattern facilitates code reuse and significantly reduces time taken to develop applications with user interfaces. Let’s see why it has become so popular.

Gopal TipleGopal Tiple | 2nd May 2016
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Swipe to delete implementation using AngularJS

Swipe-to-delete is an amazing user interface technique. This feature allows you to save space for rest of the design elements as well as improve user experience. It is also commonly found in iOS messaging app, whatsapp or in any of the recent updates in Gmail.To explain this feature in AngularJS, we will be using a simple app. Although not a full-fledged application, nevertheless this will give you a basic idea on how this feature works.

Shahid ShaikhShahid Shaikh | 30th June 2015
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Node.js modules to build sentiment analysis application and analyze Twitter Data

Node.js is a popular server-side implementation of JavaScript. Its lightweight, event-based concurrency model lends itself naturally to building a real-time service with a large number of concurrent connections. Node.js also has its followers as well as annoyed skeptics, just like other technologies.

Ashutosh BijoorAshutosh Bijoor | 14th March 2014
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