Open Source Solutions

As a result of the recent consolidation in the enterprise software space, acceptance of cloud-based environments and an extended recessionary economy, “open source” has finally entered mainstream IT with more and more organizations implementing open source applications and tools across their application portfolio. However, open source is a complex world with many product options in a given technology area and questions around licensing options/constraints, long-term support models, developer productivity and total cost of ownership. Our experts at Accion Labs can help you make the right decisions with regards to open source tools and technologies.

Open Source Capabilities

The Accion Labs team has experience in deploying open source tools in mid-to-large enterprises and software product organizations. Through this hands-on experience, Accion Labs offers both strategic advisory and implementation services in most open source categories.

We have delivered Open Source solutions in a range of industries such as Healthcare, Hi-tech, Media and Telecom. Below is a summary of our expertise:

  • We have implemented several open-source platforms such as Apache, JBOSS, various Java and .Net frameworks, LAMP-based Web apps, - MySQL, Ruby, Perl, Python, Postgress SQL, etc
  • Besides core platform components, we have deployed packaged software such as Alfresco, Liferay, Drupal, Magento, Sugar CRM, etc.
  • We have helped our clients migrate from a commercial licensed solution to an open source environment such as:
    • Weblogic to Apache or JBOSS
    • .Net to Java/J2EE
    • Weblogic Portal to Liferay or Drupal
    • IBM Websphere Commerce to Magento
    • Rational/CCC Harvest/TFS to Jira/Redmine
  • .Net to Ruby/RoR

Open source

Open Source Case Stories

Customer: A large retail/e-commerce firm
Helped a large retail/e-commerce firm migrate from a highly customized version of IBM Websphere Commerce
platform to Magento commerce environment in multiple phases.
Environment: Java, J2EE, IBM Websphere, Magento

Customer: A large manufacturing firm
Helped a large manufacturing firm migrate over 30+ websites/portals from Plumtree to Liferay.
Environment: Java/J2EE, Plumtree, Liferay, SAP connectors

Customer: Microsoft platform
Migrated over 1 million lines-of-code of Microsoft platform (.Net, MSBI, T-SQL) to open-source Java/J2EE, Pentaho, Kettle.
Environment: Java/J2EE, .Net,MSBI, Pentaho, Kettle

Customer: An EMR technology firm
Helped an EMR technology firm migrate their mobile apps from native iPhone and Windows Mobile environment to cross-platform HTML5, Javascript, Java environment.
Environment: iOS/ObjectiveC, C/C++,Java,HTML5, CSS

Customer: A large-data analytics
Development and maintenance of a large-data analytics marketing campaign environment using Hadoop and Ruby toolset.
Environment: Hadoop, MapReduce,Ruby,MySQL, HDFS

Open Source Services

Advisory services

Our advisory services include:

  • Open source primer – targeted to Technology leadership on
  • Open source implementation roadmap development
  • Tool evaluation for specific categories such as Java frameworks, mobile toolkits, ESB tools, and WCM tools
  • Tool deployment/rollout approach/program management

Execution services

Our execution services include:

  • Product implementation within the WCM space – Alfresco, Liferay, Joomla and Drupal implementation
  • New application development using Java/J2EE, LAMP, RubyOnRails, GroovyOnGrails and other open source
  • programming environments
  • Migration from commercial Unix OS (AIX and SunOS) to Linux OS