IT Service Management Solutions

Accion Labs provides end-to-end ITSM solutions spanning ITSM Consulting, Business & IT Service Management (TrIM), Application Performance and Perception Management (APPlytix) and IT Governance Solutions.

Accion Labs IT Service Management solutions aims to deliver a set of core value propositions:

  • Improving the Business Impact of IT infrastructure and services
  • Improving Quality of Service
  • Managing and containing costs
  • Mitigating IT risks
  • Standardization
  • Ensuring corporate, technical, regulatory and environmental compliance

Our IT Service Management Solutions span the following:

  • ITSM Consulting
  • Business & IT Service Management (TrIM)
  • Application Performance and Perception Management (APPlytix)
  • IT Governance

ITSM Consulting

To align IT with business goals, CIO’s must ensure availability and performance of IT services in a cost efficient manner. Service management ensures that IT aligns with business requirements and that the right applications are available and performing as per user needs.

Accion Labs provides end-to-end ITSM consulting services by borrowing from many quality frameworks including ITIL, ISO 20000 and COBIT to continuously improve IT services for sustainable business growth. Using Accion Labs’ proprietary ITSM Consulting practice and compliance tools, we can define IT processes that support and promote business growth through greater flexibility, higher efficiency and lower costs.

Business & IT Service Management

Most IT organizations seek to become more customer-oriented in order to demonstrate their value and contribution to their businesses. We offer a systematic, professional approach to the management of IT service delivery, the adoption of which provides manifold benefits: increased customer satisfaction, lower risk of non-alignment of IT and business, reduced cost of developing organizational procedures and practices, greater reliance and confidence in IT services.

Transformational IT Management (TrIM) is Accion Labs’ approach to Business Service Management. While IT Infrastructure Management is device focused management and IT Service Management (ITSM) reflects the IT view of the world; Transformational IT Management (TrIM) is ‘business-aware’ IT Management.

Business Service Management aims to resolve the alignment mismatch between IT and business. TrIM equips IT organizations to effectively support business goals of growth and profitability. This translates into IT’s ability to improve service, enhance efficiency, boost productivity, drive growth and deliver business value.

Business perceives IT quality of service in terms of user experience. A déjà vu moment for all IT organizations is when line-of-business owners demand better, more consistent service guarantees for key apps and services within the constraints of perennially tight budgets.

Application Performance Management

Business today demands consistent service guarantees for key applications and services across the enterprise. Business customers rate IT quality of service in their own metrics, the user experience. BSM (Business Service Management) & ITSM (IT Service Management) are meant to bridge the alignment, however, many of such investments don’t yield results as the business-IT alignment strategy is loose and the rich data from these tools is not effectively converted to actionable information.

APPlytix from Accion Labs solves Business-IT alignment problem. It leverages cross platform BSM & ITSM capabilities to align IT with business goals. APPlytix is an acronym for Application Performance & Perception Analytics where Perception is shaped by end user experience.

APPlytix closes the analytical and remedial gap between behavior of business applications and that of the underlying IT infrastructure. Business Applications are monitored from the users’ perspective, applications in rather than infrastructure out. Rich BSM & ITSM data is analyzed and actionable inputs are provided with relevance to the business IT supports. Analysis and reporting is on how the business application is consumed and the quality of that interaction. Predictive and preventive possibilities are realized through trend analysis and intelligent inferences.

IT Governance

IT has evolved from being an automation engine or facilitator of tasks to a force multiplier of growth strategies, speed of response and compliance & control

To ensure that IT unleashes its own and businesses potential, it is important to bring in the necessary alignment between business & IT and thereafter link it to the controls and measurement to ensure a seamless linkage of all that’s done to all that’s sought

While simplistically depicted above, implementation of such a framework is a challenge with the variance in decision making, multiple partners involved in IT including outsourced service providers especially with limited automation in measurement and controls

Typical symptoms of a need to revisit the IT Governance framework are

  • Disagreements on IT’s performance between business and IT Groups
  • IT investments producing less value than envisaged or projects being abandoned midway
  • Individual performance achievements not linking upto an organizational goal achievement
  • Multiple roles assigned the same responsibility or responsibilities not having any owner assigned

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