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Applying Good Practices to Achieve AI-Driven IT Transformation with ServiceNow

Accion Labs hosted a webinar for IT leaders and CXOs on "Applying Best Practices to Achieve AI-Driven IT Transformation with ServiceNow." This webinar explored strategies and insights on how global enterprises have successfully implemented best practices to achieve their IT-driven business objectives. The panel featured industry experts Krishna Singh and Pranav Mehta, who provided exclusive insights on workflow automation, predictive analytics, chatbots, data-driven insights, and generative AI capabilities.

For more information on leveraging ServiceNow for AI-driven IT transformation in your products and services, contact us to schedule a one-on-one consultation and workshop.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Using Microsoft Power BI

Accion Labs held a webinar on using Microsoft Power BI to leverage AI and machine learning technologies without requiring extensive data science expertise. The webinar covered several topics, including how Power BI enables business users to incorporate AI, how data scientists can collaborate with end-users to deliver AI within Power BI, and the different AI options available within the tool. The webinar also discussed the benefits of democratizing AI within organizations and included a live demo of the Power BI tool for AI and ML applications. For more information on Power BI's features and advantages, interested parties can contact us for a one-on-one consultation and workshop.

Voice-Assisted Apps: Is Your Business Ready?

Accion Labs hosted a webinar on voice-to-text based technologies, titled "Voice-assisted Applications: Is Your Business Ready," which explored the possibilities of voice-based interfaces in business applications and workflow automation. The panelists, including experts from Accion Labs and C-SATS Inc, discussed what voice-enabled applications are, how to decode voice technology for the enterprise, and the options of building versus buying speech recognition and voice-enabled automation capabilities. The webinar also featured a live demo of voice-to-text applications for data entry and transcription. To learn more about incorporating voice capabilities into your products and applications, contact us for a one-on-one consultation and workshop.

Can You Leverage Artificial Intelligence for Medical Diagnostic Imaging

Accion Labs hosted a healthcare-focused webinar titled "Can You Leverage Artificial Intelligence for Medical Diagnostic Imaging." The webinar was presented by Mikunj Joshi, Director of Healthcare/IoT Center of Excellence, and Hemant Rathore, Lead Data Scientist at Accion Labs. The webinar focused on leveraging best practices and IT accelerators to mitigate costs, create organization direction, and build necessary IT infrastructure for the adoption of AI in medical diagnostic imaging. The webinar also included an interactive Q&A session with the audience.

DevSecOps - Strategies to Unite Development, IT and Security Successfully

Learn how to dramatically reduce information security risks for your organization with DevSecOps. Join our panel of experts, including Steven Roesing, President and CEO at ASMGi (Moderator), David Thompson, CxO Advisory Board, Accion Labs, and John Gallagher, Executive Vice President, MCS Division at High Availability, Inc., as they discuss key trends and advantages of DevSecOps, the impact of technology on development, the benefits of introducing DevSecOps early on, and how Development, Security, and IT strategies work together.

De-Risking The Journey To A Platform

Accion Labs hosted a webinar on "De-Risking The Journey To A Digital Platform" on June 24, with Ryan Clark, CTO at, as a panelist. The webinar covered topics like the importance of platform models for businesses, leveraging digital strategy and design thinking, and key focus areas for risk reduction. The discussion was facilitated by Ashutosh Bijoor, CTO of Accion Labs, and included questions and comments from the audience.

Is Your Business Digital Enough?

Accion Labs recently hosted a live webinar titled "Is Your Business Digital Enough," presented by Ashutosh Bijoor, CTO, and Hemesh Thakkar, Chief Solutions Architect. The webinar focused on the urgency for companies to go digital, especially during the pandemic. The speakers discussed how difficult the journey to digitalization can be and pondered if it could be accelerated.


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