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Transforming the Mental Healthcare Landscape through a Scalable & User-friendly Platform for Children

The client specializes in providing psychiatry services to children and adolescents. Their goal was to leverage technology to revolutionize children's mental health services by enabling easy access to care. However, they faced several challenges in implementing a solution and sought a technology partner with expertise in the healthcare and insurance domain.

Some of the key challenges included the need for operational scalability and expanded reach, reliance on disparate third-party systems, and protection of personal health information. Additionally, the client's lean medical service team struggled with resource allocation, heightening the need for a streamlined platform.

Accion Labs was chosen as a trusted partner to address these challenges and enhance the client's overall operational efficiency. We successfully developed a user-friendly platform to facilitate easy and streamlined evaluation of a child’s mental health through questionnaires, assessments, diagnosis, and appointment scheduling. Our solution offers several benefits, including:

  • Significant time savings on onboarding, assessments, appointments, & consultation
  • Expansion of the client’s reach and capacity 
  • Scalable and interoperable architecture, facilitating connectivity with any compliant third-party system
  • Ease of access to children’s mental healthcare 

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