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Smart Client Electronic Health Record System

Healthcare organizations are now adopting more digital means to enable higher efficiencies. Medical information comes from disparate sources and in various formats, making it difficult for medical staff to leverage it easily or find the required information. The first step to adopting digital systems for healthcare processes is to get medical data in digital format to be easily retrieved and stored.

Accion Labs has worked with a West European healthcare organization to develop an Electronic Health Record System (EHRS) used by healthcare organizations of varying sizes like large Hospitals, small clinics, and individual doctors. This system will allow them to capture patient episodes and all associated patient records, treatment history, prescriptions, medications, and summary of care.

The application has the capability to communicate messages internally between applications in specified regulatory format (CCHIT & US healthcare regulations, KMHER, which is the format defined by Belgium Healthcare Telematics Commission), enabling the exchange of structured clinical information. The application also complies with standard regulation requirements concerning patient information privacy, unauthorized access, and confidentiality of such records. The application protects against data loss by providing full logging, reporting, and audit trail capabilities.

The business benefits of this solution include:

  • Compared to paper records, utilizing an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system is more efficient and easy to preserve medical information along with patient records
  • It provided a comprehensive clinical history of the patient, which enables a doctor to provide treatment and procedures correctly with improved decision making
  • Cost reductions, combined with decreased patient care errors, eventually resulted in lower malpractice premiums, fewer litigation fees, and substantial cost savings.
  • Lower operational costs for healthcare providers and risks associated with patient care
  • Performing usability evaluation with an efficient system was possible with CCHIT usability testing parameters

To know more about how the EHRS system can enable healthcare organizations from paper records to preserve medical or patient records using digital means, fill in the form to download the case study.

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