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Seamless Content Management for Enhanced OTT Experience

Seamless Content Management for Enhanced OTT Experience

Our client, a prominent Indian OTT streaming platform, is leading the charge in the rapidly growing streaming market, offering a vast array of movies and music in various languages to over 224 million registered users and 39.9 million subscribers. Faced with challenges in efficiently managing their extensive content library, including a backlog of content, they sought a solution to enhance user experience and streamline content delivery. Accion Labs stepped in to develop a powerful Content Management System (CMS) to address these challenges.

Outcomes and Benefits:

  • Enhanced Content Management: Developed a robust CMS that efficiently manages a diverse media inventory, including movies, music, videos, and audio
  • Improved User Experience: Enhanced search functionality and modified CMS features based on customer feedback, resulting in increased user satisfaction and engagement
  • Streamlined Workflows: Added new functionalities and optimized existing features in the Video CMS, simplifying content management processes for the client
  • Automated Processes: Implemented automated production deployment and music ingestion for music partners, reducing manual efforts and enhancing efficiency
  • Global Accessibility: Enabled global access to premium entertainment content through successful OTT service, catering to an extensive user base
  • Market Opportunity: Leveraged the vast content library, comprising over 12,000 digital films, to tap into a significant market opportunity
  • Timely Content Delivery: Empowered the client to schedule live-streaming videos seamlessly, ensuring timely delivery to a worldwide audience

For an in-depth exploration of how these outcomes were achieved and the technological prowess that made it possible, download the complete case study. Uncover the strategies and solutions that elevated our client's OTT platform to new heights in the dynamic landscape of streaming services.

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