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Revolutionizing Royalty Management

Accion Innovation Center's Cutting-Edge Transformation

In the dynamic landscape of digital content management, our client, a leading provider of digital rights management and royalty accounting software, faced challenges in ensuring accurate royalty management and maintaining trust with creators and organizations. Operating within the media, entertainment, publishing, and more industries, they sought a transformative solution.

Accion Labs partnered with the client to revolutionize their operations. We developed a cutting-edge multi-tenant platform, which offers comprehensive royalty management tools. For authors, an intuitive dashboard was crafted, allowing easy access to royalty statements in PDF format, along with timely notifications. Administrators gained control through features like user management, smart contracts, and business unit oversight. Additionally, our data management system ensured seamless integration with external royalty and ERP systems, ensuring accurate and efficient data handling.

Outcomes Achieved:

  • Streamlined Operations: Efficient royalty management curbing mismanagement.
  • Trust and Efficiency: Enhanced trust, accurate data, and positive bottom-line impact.
  • Agile Deployment: Customized deployment with faster time-to-market.
  • Robust Foundation: Utilized AngularJS, Java Hibernate, Spring, and more for technological excellence.

Discover how our innovation empowered efficient royalty management and maximized revenue potential, providing invaluable insights for organizations navigating the complex realm of digital content management. Download the full case study

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