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Product Catalogue Application

The objective of the Product Catalogue application is to enhance and increase capacity building by making product information more accessible to internal and external users. It addresses the need to provide product-related information from the system to users, which is easy to read and presented professionally.

The client, a healthcare organization, wanted a Product Catalogue Application to provide these capabilities and view details of the product, information related to the product, specific vendor information, and more. The vision was also to make an online catalog with advanced search options, filter out the necessary information about products and vendors, and create technical foundations for future extensibility.

The Accion Labs team devised and developed a high performance, extensible, and scalable application for the client. This Product Catalogue System enabled actionable benefits such as:

  • Providing a single source of information which is consistent with advanced search options
  • Group-wise access to information to make it easy to get the required information about a product or vendor
  • Unified solution through portlet development
  • Completely online processes enabling the client to drop printing and distribution efforts to zero

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