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Prague Engineering Center

Veracode helps the world’s largest enterprises easily integrate application security into their software development life cycle, bringing development and security teams together to transform how companies secure applications in today’s software-driven world. The tools we create assist developers in their work environments and provide education to ensure that the code that developers create is secure from the start.

Veracode and AccionLabs are proud to come together to build the Prague Engineering Center which will increase our innovation capacity and deliver market-differentiating value that benefits our customers.

Join us and fast-track your career at Accion Prague Engineering Center.

  • Data Platform team
  • Crashtest team
  • Flaw Reporting team
  • Portal UI team

The team's mission is to enable Veracode Engineering teams with modern, cloud-native data infrastructure upon which to build and run services.

Technologies used:
Kafka, MongoDB, Kubernetes, HELM, GitOps experience

The Crashtest team is tasked with integrating the innovative Crashtest vulnerability scanner, a dynamic application security test (DAST) tool, into Veracode’s expanding product portfolio.

Technologies used:
AWS, Microservices, Go, Kubernetes, ArgoCD, Terraform, Postgres, Redis, MongoDB and Cypress

The Platform Engineering team is charged with designing, developing, and maintaining the next generation of underlying platform technologies which provide the foundation that development teams use to deliver their features and services to Veracode customers.

Technologies used:
Java, Spring/Spring Boot , AWS, Microservices, NodeJS, React/Redux, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Postgres, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch, Redis and Couchbase

As part of the UI team, you will collaborate with engineers to develop a modern user interface layer, document standards, and mentor others. You will drive process improvements, impacting both internal and external teams, liaise with development teams, product managers, and architects to achieve business objectives and deliver components that our teams will utilize to empower the UI they develop.

  • Proficient in HTML DOM and event model
  • Experienced in large-scale JavaScript applications
  • Skilled in React/Redux
  • Familiar with design patterns for CDNs
  • Knowledge of modern package managers and building systems
  • Full stack development experience

If you don't find a position that perfectly matches your profile, don't worry! We still encourage you to apply if you're excited about working with us. We are always seeking passionate individuals to join our team. If you'd like to submit a spontaneous application, please click the button below. Alternatively, you can send your application to via email or through our online form. We look forward to hearing from you!


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