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Upper St. Clair firm’s donations fulfill teachers’ wish lists

Upper St. Clair firm’s donations fulfill teachers’ wish lists.

Two area elementary school teachers are bringing new equipment to the classroom thanks to an Upper St. Clair-based technology services firm.

Accion Labs Inc. donated $1,000 through , a nonprofit organization that allows for direct giving to public school classroom projects.

Lauren Bogus, who teaches second grade at Upper St. Clair’s Streams Elementary School, requested funding for purchase of Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Sets to introduce coding concepts to her students.

“Students today are growing up in a world where technology is advancing by the minute,” she posted on “We need to prepare them for valuable skills beginning at a young age.”

She plans to have the second-graders, in turn, teach younger students about coding, in keeping with her classroom’s theme this year: “Throw kindness around like Confetti.”

Accion also supported Ashley Fosnaught, a teacher at Edgewood Elementary in Woodland Hills School District, in her efforts to buy Kindle Fire tablets to helps students enhance their reading and mathematics skills

“Many of my students come from a low-income, high-poverty household,” she wrote. “Most of them are raised in single-parent households and qualify for free lunch. These situations may prevent these hard-working children from experiencing opportunities others take for granted.”