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teQ magazine coverage of Accion Open House and Ribbon Cutting

Wednesday, June 27th was officially the day that Accion Labs said hello to their new office spaces in the DDI Plaza of Bridgeville, PA. “It was a three-year process but finally we pulled the trigger and agreed on a location, and we settled on the DDI Plaza,” stated Operations Manager, Jennifer Wells.

"This is a great central location as well as it being key for all our employees. With Pittsburgh being such a big tech hub right now, the major organizations that came out to the event and who are growing at such a fast rate, we wanted to be able to have access to provide them our services as well," said Wells. The company performed its ribbon cutting at 4pm on Wednesday evening with light refreshments for all guests.

Accion's presidents of their California and Canada offices traveled in for this event as well as their CTO from Mumbai, who gave a presentation on emerging technologies and how Accion is able to help in those mentioned areas. "We really want to emphasize that being headquartered in Pittsburgh, we plan to stay, but we want to grow within the Pittsburgh region as well as an organization, and Pittsburgh is the main focus to achieve that, according to our President who currently lives in Florida," said Wells. "We want to be here." She also stated that the company is already expanding and that they had to add additional work stations, but that the company is looking to have a strong presence in the Pittsburgh region.

"Everyone at the event stayed around from beginning to end, which we weren't expecting, and we were extremely happy with the outcome. We really enjoyed meeting everyone in a non-corporate environment and having the chance to have a low-key, relaxed affair," commented Wells.