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Innovative Software Trial and Training Application for ISV’s Launches on Microsoft Azure Cloud
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Innovative Software Trial and Training Application for ISV’s Launches on Microsoft Azure Cloud

BALTIMORE, May 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Motifworks today announced the launch of an innovative cloud-based software trial and training application, Trial.iO. The Trial.iO application is built for independent software vendors (ISV’s) that have not yet migrated to the cloud. With Trial.iO ISV’s can immediately deliver software trials and conduct training sessions over the cloud without involving IT resources. Trial.iO saves companies money by eliminating dependence on precious IT resources, increases speed to market and ensures a consistent experience regardless of platform. After the Trial.iO team has configured an ISV’s software, trials and training sessions can be quickly launched by anyone in the company with a single click.

Software companies are rapidly shifting to a cloud delivery model (commonly referred to as Software-as-a-Service or SaaS) because it allows them to quickly deliver new innovations and capabilities to customers. Cloud delivery also allows companies to grow revenue by bringing in new users under a subscription model. According to Forrester Research, SaaS subscriptions produced $43 billion in revenues in 2012. This number is expected to top $106 billion in 2016.

Companies that have not migrated to a SaaS model are at risk of losing sales as consumers have become more accustomed to the ease, speed and dependability of software that is delivered in the cloud.

“Trial.iO was built to help non-SaaS ISV’s play at the same level as their cloud-ready competitors” said Nitin Agarwal, CEO and Founder of Motifworks. “Over the years, we have worked to migrate companies to the cloud. These tend to be extended engagements that ultimately require companies to rethink everything from product engineering to how they go to market. Not every company is ready, or has the resources, for this transition. The Trial.iO platform gives companies the advantages of operating in the cloud without the disruption and expense of a full migration.”

Trial.iO Features Include: Effortless Deployment in Cloud: Package and deploy any software to make it ready to run in Azure cloud.

One-click Trials: Give prospects the ability to initiate software trials directly from the web with a single click – no waiting for downloads

Remote Training Management: Quickly onboard and train new customers on your software through the Trial.iO application, regardless of location or configuration. Scaling a training session from 1 to 1,000 seats can be easily done from the Trial.iO dashboard.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Software hosted on the Trial.iO application functions as a native application – prospects are no-longer excluded because of unsupported platforms or the need for custom configurations

Marketing automation: Integrate with CRM, marketing automation software and Outlook for easy lead management.

Azure Consumption Metering: Easily set and adjust the length and availability of trials and training sessions from an easy to use dashboard – companies are in complete control of their trials and training sessions.

Usage Insights: Gain unprecedented insights into how prospects are using trials – allowing sales teams to drive conversations with prospects and close deals faster.

Trial-to-Pay Conversion: Convert trials to paid subscriptions with a simple click of a button while allowing customers to continue using the software over the cloud

About Motifworks : Founded in 2010, Motifworks is a leading Mid-Atlantic region Microsoft Azure partner. The rapidly growing company helps mid-market Independent Software Vendors and Fortune 100 companies migrate applications and infrastructure to the cloud leveraging the power Microsoft Azure to accelerate innovation, operational agility and customer responsiveness. The Motifworks team specializes in Azure migration, cloud-scale custom application development, Internet of Things, analytics and DevOps.