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Accion Labs plants its roots in Canada

PITTSBURGH, PA., November 27, 2017 - Accion Labs, The Pittsburgh-headquartered global technology firm that specializes in working with technology companies and IT organizations in the emerging technologies, today announced its global expansion to include Accion Labs Canada, based in Markham, Ontario, On November 1, 2017.

Accion Labs’ new Canadian location is the perfect fit for the growing technology industry. Markham is known for being the “Silicon Valley” of Canada with many prominent companies headquartered there, including: IBM’s Head office, AMD Technologies, Honda Canada, BMW Canada and Honeywell Canada, to name a few.

We have been watching the incredible growth in Canada has had in recent years along with its business-friendly environment,” said Kinesh Doshi, CEO of Accion Labs in Pittsburgh, PA. “We have appointed Lee Groff to lead this new office. Lee brings deep experience in the Canada and Latin American markets. His motivational leadership style, outcome focus, employee-centric approach and innovation-in-everything philosophy will further strengthen Accion’s leadership team. We are truly excited about the potential of this operation.”

Mr. Groff brings a wealth of knowledge in operations processes and streamlining IT service delivery. He brings more than 25 years of experience in running both public companies, Canadian divisions and private companies in the IT staffing and outsourcing business. Doshi describes Mr. Groff as a hands-on leader that empowers his staff to succeed and has a keen eye with regards to the procurement of SME talent. All the companies under Groff’s leadership have grown exponentially under his management. He believes in the power of networking and that all business relationships need to be a win-win for both parties for them to flourish.

The greater Toronto area is one of North America’s most dynamic business market places in the world, in which more than six million people call it home. It is the fourth largest metropolitan market in North America. In addition to providing services in Canada, Accion Labs Canada has strategically set up recruitment operations in Mexico City. This will support efforts to expand not only in the Canada markets but also in the Latin American markets.

About Accion Labs: Accion Labs US, founded in 2011, is a Pittsburgh headquartered global technology firm specializing in working with tech firms and IT organizations in the emerging technologies such as Rich Internet Applications, Service-Oriented Architecture, SaaS, Cloud, Open-Source, BI/DW, Mobility, Automation, DevOps and Big Data. Spread over 12 global offices, Accion has an engineering headcount of more than 1500 resources. Accion clients include software product firms, e SaaS firms, e-commerce organizations and e-business organizations. Accion engages with its clients in a range of collaborative, white-box engagement models that includes extended teams, turn-key project and professional staffing. Accion specializes in building new products and re-engineering legacy products to leverage emerging technologies and best practices. Led by an entrepreneurial management team that believes in execution, outcome and continuous learning, Accion Labs has been recognized as one of Pittsburgh’s fastest-growing companies by the Pittsburgh Business Times and one of America’s fastest-growing companies by INC. Magazine.