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Accion Labs awarded as 'Most Promising Devops Provider' for 2022 by CIO Review Magazine

Pittsburgh, USA, January 2022 -- Digital platforms today require complex architectures to be able to embrace the ever-changing, dynamic nature of the businesses that they support. These complex architectures warrant an equally complex underlying infrastructure for the systems to efficiently perform and be available 24x7x365. It is no longer practical to build, support, and maintain such platforms manually. Also, security is an area of concern for all companies, big and small alike. As such, DevSecOps automation is key in managing digital platforms today. However, picking the right tools and technologies for the DevSecOps components, integrating and automating them effectively, and finding talent with the right skills to do all of this are the areas where companies struggle the most.

Accion Labs : Providing End-to-end Innovation and Engineering Services

With a mission to improve all lives through purpose-driven technology innovations, Accion Labs helps companies build innovative products by providing them with end-to-end innovation and engineering services. On the DevSecOps side, Accion Labs’ architects have created an Architecture Blueprint—AccionBreeze—with best-in-class open source technologies that are integrated and are automation ready. “This provides significant acceleration while building a digital platform and therefore reduces the time to go to market,” says Hemesh Thakkar, the Chief Solutions Architect at Accion Labs. For enterprises that want to modernize their technology landscape, Accion Labs assesses, re-architects, and projects digital transformation roadmaps and accelerates their execution.

To exemplify, the company is helping one of the leading computer hardware companies in the world build a solution that allows them to fulfill orders and deliver products to their customers the next day of placing an order through their e-commerce store. Similarly, Accion Labs is helping a FinTech company build their platform that provides term life insurance to anybody without performing medical tests and instead uses AI/ML, thereby cutting down the time to write a policy down to a few minutes instead of weeks. Such has been the niche that Accion Labs has carved for itself by offering a unique proposition. Thakkar explains,“While consulting firms can help assess and create a technology roadmap, they are usually restricted when it comes to execution. Technology outsourcing companies, on the other hand, can execute on projects but lack innovative consulting capabilities. We are able to bring the best of both worlds together. We provide end to end innovation and product engineering services for our customers.” Further, Accion Labs’ global presence also allows them to tap into newer markets and a wider talent pool.

To stay ahead of the competition, Accion Labs has created seven Centers of Excellence (CoE) as part of its Accion Innovation Center (AIC). These centers are built around Innovation Development, Human-Computer Science, DevSecOps, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Technology Architecture, and Operations Management. “We have several architects representing these centers of excellence whose primary responsibility is to keep an eye out and play around with emerging technologies to quickly gain familiarity, expertise, and establish best practices,” states Thakkar.“Our architects also work with clients in an advisory capacity to permeate these best practices that can help customers build software faster or better. Backed by a Private Equity firm—TA Associates, Accion Labs has exponentially grown over the last decade and will continue to expand organically and inorganically into newer technology areas and geographies as they enter 2022. “You can expect some strategic acquisitions that will help us accentuate and expand our value proposition in the industry,” concludes Thakkar.

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