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Accion Labs One Of 10 Most Promising Big Data Companies – CIO Review Magazine

We are happy to announce that Accion Labs’ big data division in India – Reach1to1 Technologies, has been selected as one of the 10 most promising big data companies by CIO Review Magazine.

The emergence of digital trends has accelerated the volume, speed and variety of unstructured consumer information – Big Data. Enterprises can benefit from this growth and seize market opportunities to drive value by implementing solutions that capitalize on this rampant growth of unstructured data. CIOs in several organizations are forced to utilize this big data to improve their business performance. However, it is not always easy to cut through this hype to understand exactly how big data can be applied to solve specific business challenges. Today, leading organizations are learning to exploit their treasure of existing big data and provide their sales force with critical knowledge to outperform in their industries.

This is where the state-of-the-art big-data-companies come to rescue these CIOs. These providers spend a huge chunk of revenue in R&D to find the appropriate fit for their clients making them one of the best solution providers in the industry. Identifying this need of the hour of the CIOs to find the best fit for their requirement, CIOReview magazine presents you ’10 Most Promising Big Data Companies’. These providers not only provide solutions to the enterprises, but help them identify the core criticalities leading to huge revenue expenditure that can be curtailed by using the best fit for these issues. A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts including CIOReview board scrutinized several companies and finalized this list.