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Accion Labs Listed In Top 20 Data Analytics Providers By CIO Review Magazine
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Accion Labs Listed In Top 20 Data Analytics Providers By CIO Review Magazine

We are proud to announce that Accion Labs has been selected as one of the 20 most promising data analytics providers by CIO Review Magazine. The biggest challenge organizations face today is not just the technical competency, but a fundamental shift in how they view their data, its structure, the usage scenarios, and redefining the roles and responsibilities of the IT and user organizations.

About Accion Labs, CIO writes :

Founded in 2011, Accion Labs’ Big Data and Data Analytics practice assists organizations in both strategic upstream activities such as evaluating and developing Big Data roadmap to implementation and support in large environments. The organization is helping companies conceptualize, design, develop and deploy commercial software products in emerging technologies such as Web 2.0, SaaS, Cloud, Open-source, BI/DW, Mobile, and Big Data. With the use of tools like Hadoop, NoSQL Databases, and Advanced Search Technologies, Accion Labs delivers incomparable solutions to the problems of Big Data. Along with a sophisticated team of Big Data architects, data scientists, PMs, and consultants trained at leading Big Data user firms such as Google, Yahoo, and Facebook, the company offers a balanced mix of strategy, design, and implementation expertise. This world-class solutions have helped Accion Labs provide Big Data solutions to a range of industries such as media, telecom, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, chemical aviation, and retail industries.

“The way we approach the Big Data market is different from other players. We not only provide solutions to their problems, but also help them understand Big Data and its tools. This helps our customer’s resources understand technologies and get real experience of implementing Big Data tools.” says Kinesh Doshi, CEO of Accion Labs. For instance, the company developed an ETL and analytic environment for a large retail/supply chain firm to analyze their POS data with over 100TB of data collected from 20 different channels using Hadoop MapReduce programs over HDFS repository. With the help of NoSQL solution, Accion labs deliver flexible databases with world-class authentication, authorization and agility that allow organizations to quickly and easily derive and deliver value from their vast stores of Big Data.

Accion’s Big Data team has built several “packaged” solutions to automate the deployment and support of Hadoop environments. The skillful team at Accion developed a CRM Analytic tool to analyze call-center logs for a leading telecom firm. With a strong foundation of Linux administration, the team was able to handle installing, configuring, maintaining, monitoring and troubleshooting of Hadoop clusters.

To this, Kinesh Doshi added

Data Analytics can be a game-changer for businesses. However, the diversity of sources of data, lack of consistency of data definition and lack of ownership of data quality hasstalled many data analytics projects. Through Accion team’s experience of delivering hundreds of projects in a range of industries, functional areas and technology platforms – organizations can finally realize the value of data without reinvesting the wheel or loosing valuable time

Accion labs see Big Data initiative to continue to grow as more companies adopt the techniques and tools employed for managing and leveraging their data assets. “Big Data solutions have been one of the strongest offerings provided by Accion labs from past three years. It has been contributing to the large portion of the company’s revenue and Accion Labs will continue to focus on Hadoop, NoSQL Databases and advanced search technologies and other Big Data core technologies,” iterates Doshi. The company envisions partnering with more upcoming clients and building software products for the next generation as well.