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Accathon 2018 - Get Set Code!

What happens when its Hackathon at an emerging tech company development center? It becomes an idea box for the next big product, feature or solution.

The annual AccionLabs technical hackathon ‘Accathon’ that was recently held at our Bangalore Development Centre and saw great ideas, teamwork and solutions being built using the latest technology tools.

It was creative coding at its best as teams got hands-on with machine learning, AI, blockchain, chatbots, robotic process automation and other emerging technologies to get their ideas into action.

The star projects that won accolades included an HRMS bot using RPA, a phone call assistant app using BOT, video surveillance using process automation based on machine learning, microservices on Kubernetes, dashboard to monitor and track data loads, project dashboard performance analytics, automated Chatbot using Telegram messaging services making it as a personal assistant and more.

The best teams won a direct spot to present their solution to a global audience at the AccionLabs global innovation summit to be held in Goa next year.

“It's a great coding festival that happens at our Bangalore office every year. We encourage new ideas from the teams. The best ideas then get a chance to get groomed by our senior management one-on-one and get showcased at our annual innovation summit. This is a source of motivation for others to see the value of the event and the next big product launch could be their idea. The participation is just growing with every year with newer technologies playing out like blockchain, machine learning, and AI,” said Ramesh Narasimhan, MD, India, AccionLabs.