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e-Poster Application for a Global Biopharmaceutical Giant

e-Poster Application for a Global Biopharmaceutical Giant

The client is a global biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. The company’s focus lies in research and development for the treatment of severe diseases, specializing in neurology, immunology, and healthcare innovation beyond medicine.

The client generated a substantial volume of medical research data which was analyzed and consolidated in the form of physical posters and then presented at conferences, where scientists engaged in discussions and shared insights on their research findings.

We developed a digital collaboration and conversation platform using our accelerator to elevate the poster presentation and user experience at conferences. This allowed the company to offer scientists more systematic access to the posters. Following were some key features of the application:

  • Our application consolidated all physical posters in a digital format
  • Seamless display of e-poster on large screens and touch-enabled devices for facilitating real-time discussions at conferences 
  • Integrated feedback and rating mechanism - It served as a discussion forum to share comments, ratings, and suggestions on research posters in real-time
  • Users could edit the content of the e-poster in real-time
  • Full-text indexing helped scientists to carry out searches using specific keywords like research topic, author’s name, etc. 
  • Multiplatform content delivery – the app could run on mobile, tablets, computers, TVs, digital kiosks, etc. 
  • Centralized repository for storing, sharing, and analyzing feedback 
  • Facilitated active directory integration with data securely hosted on client servers
  • Consistent and seamless UX transition between Web App and touch device

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