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Securing Code, Delivering Innovation: DevSecOps at Its Best

SDLC has changed drastically. Traditional waterfall development allowed manual integration and deployment at predetermined release schedules, with the cycle time taking months. Today's digital goods, however, must adapt quickly to consumer requests, and the development-to-deployment cycle takes a few days or hours. Most digital goods are microservices, which need additional integration and deployment responsibilities. It is near impossible to manage such a complex and demanding process manually.

DevSecOps is being used by companies of all sizes and across sectors to streamline and secure their software development processes. It promotes secure and effective software development by including security at every stage of the development process. Since financial, medical, and customer payment information is so sensitive, businesses in these industries have a vested interest in adopting DevSecOps. DevSecOps is also used by the government, the military, and critical infrastructure providers to guarantee the safety and compliance of their systems.


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