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Why Data Center Automation is a must for small and medium enterprises?

With the growing demand for faster service management, IT teams across organizations are always looking for better ways to manage their data center.

Micro Focus DCA provides an end-to-end solution for automation of common data center tasks like provisioning patching , and management of infrastructure components.

IT Teams can now focus on designing sound architecture and automate most of the redundant tasks related to virtual servers, databases, middleware, etc.

Let us look at some of the key capabilities of Micro Focus DCA which are critical to business success.

1.Compliance and patching with remediation

Though Data centralization helps you manage all the IT infrastructure in one place, it also brings with it a risk of losing data in case of a security breach.

With Micro Focus DCA you can manage compliance, and critical vulnerability exposure (CVE) risks for Servers, OS, middleware, and databases using a single centralized UI.

Policy-driven automation ensures consistency with patch scans, compliance, and closed-loop remediation. With actionable drill-down dashboards, you can also get a single window into compliance and risk-state of your data center.

2.Multi-vendor support

Serverless computing has given birth to a whole new startup ecosystem with numerous infrastructure technology vendors at your disposal.

Companies prefer a multi-vendor infrastructure to reduce their dependency on one technology or vendor. Micro Focus DCA supports a wide range of multi-vendor infrastructure that includes (but not limited to) RHEL, vSphere, Oracle, SUSE, SQL Server, MySQL, Apache, Db2, IIS, and JBoss.

With Micro Focus DCA, you can even extend automation to the resources deployed by other configuration tools.

3.Containers for Deployment

According to Gartner, Cloud computing alone will contribute to $1 trillion in the IT space by 2020. Companies are inclined towards containers and docker.

Micro Focus DCA is built on container-based architecture to enable easy installation and upgrades. Container deployment is built on cost-effective Postgres database offering high availability and horizontal scaling.

Containerized architecture also allows you to share services such as orchestration, role and credentials management, discovery and ChatOps.

4.Analytics for Infrastructure Optimization

With Micro Focus DCA you can systematically optimize virtual environments using analytics-based insights.

You can clearly review your infrastructure plans for workload integration, resizing, and best-fit placement. The analytics reports help you predict future demand using the historical data of usage and trends.

Closing Thoughts

Increasing productivity with limited headcount is no more a challenge with data center automation. Automation also prevents your operations from being vulnerable to human errors.

With a reliable and regulatory compliant platform like Micro Focus, security concerns are also handled efficiently.