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Two cents on how to stop worrying about work+life balance

Work Life Balance is an important aspect of a healthy work environment. In the current scenario when everyone is working from home & maintaining a balance between their personal as well as professional life. Our CEO, Kinesh Doshi writes in his monthly column for Smart Business Magazine about how we can better manage work life balance. He believes in pursuing a healthy lifestyle and creating an outcome based schedule for your professional as well as your personal life.

Kinesh writes in his post, “After years of struggling with this dilemma, the answer came to me from my company’s tagline, ‘Delivering outcomes through actions.’ The slogan means that it doesn’t matter how much time you devote to something, what matters is what actions you take and what outcomes you accomplish. I promote this philosophy incessantly in our company’s work culture through newsletters, videos and town hall meetings.

While I apply this to work and have had great success improving the efficiency of our workforce, I realized I could apply this to my personal life as well. Instead of worrying about time I spent with my family, I focused on concrete outcomes I wanted to accomplish.”

Kinesh also mentions about having a tailored framework that makes it easier to implement the outcome based approach in your everyday life.

The framework will segment your life into four quadrants — work, family, society and self. In each quadrant, identify a list of key outcomes that you wish to accomplish. Once these quadrants are filled with target outcomes, without worrying about time spent in each quadrant, you focus on accomplishing them.

For example, you spend a week on achieving work related targets and get more time in the next week to focus on your family, society or self related outcomes. This way you can better manage your personal as well as your professional life.

Read Kinesh’s full column on the Smart Business Magazine website.