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How to take business performance at a whole new level with AppDynamics Performance Management

Today, Business Performance is driven by variety of factors. Some of which may or not be in our control. It is important for businesses to be on top of the factors which are in our control.

Business Applications form one of the many factors which can influence overall business performance depending on the type and size of the business.

In today’s post we will look at AppDynamics Performance Management suite and how it can make an impact on the overall business performance.

AppDynamics is an advanced monitoring platform. It monitors everything from Application Performance, End User Experience, Infrastructure Performance and its Impact on Business.

Let us deep dive into each component of AppDynamics Performance Management Suite.

Application Performance

The Application Performance module offers everything from application mapping, dynamic baselining to code-level diagnostics and end-to-end management.

With AppDynamics APM, you can map critical customer journeys and understand infrastructure dependency through a single source of truth.

AppDynamics APM empowers IT teams to detect issues pertaining to application performance and automate remediation.

Automated code-level diagnostics ensure that developers do not have to go through all the log files and can simply track down root-cause to the individual line of code.

End user monitoring capabilities

When you work across multi-cloud environments, it becomes imperative for you to get complete visibility into every line of code.

Not just that, you need to assess and understand the touch points where your customers are connecting with you and the common ground that allows sharing of experiences.

The end user monitoring module helps you capture errors, identify front-end issues quickly, and understand the impact of third party APIs and content services on your app and web performance.

With unwavering focus on key user paths, you can even manage business transactions proactively.

In a nutshell, it empowers you to receive alerts, troubleshoot problems and improve response times across applications and geographies.

This kind of end-user monitoring not only ensures customer satisfaction but empowers you to create flawless customer experiences across the board.

Infrastructure Visibility

The Infrastructure Visibility module enables you to map customer journeys across infrastructure components as they traverse along.

This kind of infrastructure visibility is necessary to fix issues pertaining to server, database, and network in real-time so that they do not affect your customers and their transactions. Besides, it has a unique agentless database collector that is easy to deploy and configure.

The best part is that there is no issue pertaining to scalability and you can manage everything while keeping the overhead monitoring cost really low.

The platform works well with both on premise and SaaS deployments, and offers license flexibility to enable you to migrate swiftly across deployment models.

Business Performance Monitoring

The Business Monitoring module helps you create better digital experiences for your customers while allowing you to track your business performance in real-time. It provides a robust architecture that is compatible with both private and public cloud infrastructures. Real-Time Dashboards provide a concise view on the overall health of your business.

With clear, actionable correlations between performance, experience and business outcomes, AppDynamics Performance Management Suite is helping enterprises change the way they perform radically.