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Personalized Mutual Fund Advisory Tool for Investments (1)
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Personalized Mutual Fund Advisory Tool for Investments

By partnering with AccionLabs, one of India’s leading diversified financial services company transitioned to an intuitive and modern UI/UX platform. The end result was an easy to use trading platform, faster transactions, simplified research and low brokerage rates.

The company had a sizable presence in the large retail segment with business interests spanning multiple asset classes and consumer segments across domestic and global geographies.

Personalization had become a mainstream in financial solutions. Competition was picking up the personalization trend, and the client’s customers had started to demand a customized investment guidance tool for better decision making. The company approached Accion as they looked to design an investor-questionnaire driven interface and workflow. The goal was to facilitate automatic mutual fund portfolio allocation based on the customer’s risk profile, financial goals and investment preferences. The product strategy was to help users learn and invest in different asset classes, keeping their risk profile in mind and reviewing performance.


With deep dive sessions with the client, AccionLabs CTO Ashutosh Bijoor enumerated the challenge of the existing architecture. The architecture was not scalable or able to be accurately maintained. The goal became to transition to an intuitive and modern UI/UX platform that enhanced UI/UX for customers by providing accessibility to features with minimal clicks.

AccionLabs proposed reengineering the monolithci application into a seamless REST based architecture. The project leveraged modern UI frameworks like Bootstrap, D3JS and AngularJS to provide superior UX to customers.

The execution plan began with a team made up of a UI developor, a backend developer, a QA engineer, and a Scrum Master. The team ensured strict adherence to client requests for constant and dynamic changes in UI design/architecture.

The solution design included integration of ATOM, third party payment gateway within the web platform, a simplified portfolio analysis, and financial charts and graphs for simplified allocation with a D3JS library. The solution also implemented REST APIs for seamless communication between UI and backend components, abstracting the presentation layer from the business logic.


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