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How Node.js is used for sentiment analysis of Twitter Data

Node.js is a popular server-side implementation of JavaScript. Its lightweight, event-based concurrency model lends itself naturally to building a real-time service with a large number of concurrent connections. Node.js also has its followers as well as annoyed skeptics, just like other technologies. Whatever one’s opinion is, this much is clear that people can’t stop talking about it, and more and more applications are being built with Node.js

Now build a Node.js application for analyzing public reaction on Twitter. Here is a demo, sample code, and full instructions for creating a basic PaaS app, then adding sentiment analysis to it and connecting it to Twitter. The app you build will use popular Node.js modules. You can reuse it anytime you need a quick mobile app to analyze and monitor large volumes of data over time.

Scott Rich, IBM Distinguished Engineer, Cloud Architect, Rational Jazz founder said

I chose to build it as a PaaS app, using JavaScript and the popular Node.js runtime for PaaS apps. The app uses the service-composition programming model supported by PaaS environments like Cloud Foundry and Heroku. I settled on developing this app at JazzHub. This provides me with a place to publish the application, as well as a nice browser-based IDE to develop the code.

Scott elaborated the procedure in below video.

Run the application by clicking here

Get the code at