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How to re-engineer your application with artificial intelligence

Kinesh, our CEO often makes this statement - "If you are not incorporating AI into your organization, you are already too late". If you are one of these latecomers - you're not the only one. If you were one of the early adopters of AI, you know that it was not a cake walk. The hype and excitement of AI is the the tip of the iceberg when it comes to effort required to incorporate AI in your organization. One the one hand, AI surely promises to revolutionize business models in all fields of human activity. On the other hand, the underlying systems that provide the rich data that AI needs, are still languishing from legacy technology and a huge backlog of re-engineering.

There is no doubt that AI technologies have a huge impact on organizations in their journey towards becoming more digital. Traditionally, we ran our businesses using rules and processes that were based on human experiences. AI can help organizations create business models that leverage the huge volume and depth of data that is generated with the proliferation of digital devices that capture increasingly granular data about the real world. This data driven business does not merely rely on past human experiences, and is hence able to respond to changes in market conditions really fast. But AI can only provide value if the underlying data that it feeds on is clean and meaningful.

Most organizations are struggling with the balancing act of having to keep the lights on with legacy technology, while trying to accelerate the reengineering that is required to migrate from the conventional architectures that were "Built to Last" into new architectures that are "Built for Change", driven by big data, cloud, micro services and event sourcing.

At Accion, we are fortunate to have shared these complex reengineering journeys with several customers who have leveraged these investments to come out winners with AI providing phenomenal business results. We have attempted to document and convert the learnings from these journeys into an architecture blueprint and framework that we like to call as "Breeze". We invite you to share your digital journey with us, so we can help implement some of these learnings in your organization.

Let us help make your journey to AI a Breeze!