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How to minimize security threats with next-gen Security Operations?

Hello and welcome to our IT Security Blog Series.

Last week we focussed on the Security Aspects of IT Operations and how it can help you minimize security threats pertaining to your IT Systems. This week we will cover ServiceNow’s Security Operations Platform, which is quiet an interesting offering in the crowded IT Security marketplace.

ServiceNow calls its Security Operations Platform as ‘A Security Orchestration, Automation and Response Engine’. The emphasis is clearly on process automation and response management.

Let’s take a look at what ServiceNow Security Operations has to offer.

Threat Management

ServiceNow Security Operations addresses security incidents and vulnerabilities based on the process of prioritization, automation, and orchestration. It is a security orchestration, automation and response engine which easily connects with existing security systems in order to prioritize and respond to threats based on its impact on business.

Incident Response – You can have predefined workflows which are automatically triggered whenever an incident is reported or identified.

Vulnerability Response – Efficiently report and respond to vulnerabilities based on its implication on business as usual.

Security Operations also correlates threat intelligence data and automates analysis using orchestration tools to perform additional threat detection scans. In doing so, Security Operations shortens hours of work in a matter of seconds and equips security analysts to access all the information pertaining to each threat from the time of its occurrence to the time of resolution.

Response Management

Security Operations Platform has capabilities which makes it an efficient response engine to detect and deter threats.

Quick response – Reduce time spent on basic tasks by increasing the speed and efficiency of security response with automation and orchestration.

Connect security and IT – Security and IT tasks are managed through a single platform, thus prioritizing work through correlation with the Configuration Management Database. Track security status – Keep track of security status with role-based dashboards and reporting. Performance Analytics enhances view of overall security as well as team performance.

Single platform for efficient security management

A clutter-free way to ensure that your company’s systems are safe and secure, Security Operations is built on the Now Platform which comes with:

  • Single data model that eliminates information silos with one data source across the enterprise.
  • Prebuilt orchestration that combines human processes and process automation on one platform to reduce redundant tasks and improve productivity.
  • Automated workflows that removes bottlenecks by automating manual processes with a simple, drag-and-drop interface.

Seamless Integration

ServiceNow’s Security Operations seamlessly integrates with security tools like:

  • AlienVault – Where security incidents can be create based on threats found in UEM Anywhere to fix problems faster.
  • Carbon Black – Isolating an endpoint or get a list of running processes associated with CB Endpoint Security Platform.
  • Check Point – Creating security incidents when BOT infections are detected with Check Point Anti BOT.
  • Cofense – Identifying and responding to phishing emails with PhishMe Triage. You can check out the comprehensive list of integration connectors via this link.

Delayed security = Insecurity + Vulnerability

Timely response management is the key to handling security threats in an enterprise setup. ServiceNow Security Operations takes Response Management to a whole new level. With sophisticated tools, processes, integrations and best practices, it is well placed to address most if not all security threats which may compromise your data and systems.

Have you seen ServiceNow Security Operations Live in Action?