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How important it is to have a Hybrid IT Cloud Management Suite

Hello and welcome to yet another blog post from Serviceberry.

This week we touch upon Micro Focus Hybrid Cloud Management Suite. Cloud Computing has evolved over the years. In the past ten years cloud computing has made giant strides not only in the enterprise but also in the consumer space.

For Enterprises, this new cloud computing norm poses its own challenges. Enterprises have invested in public cloud, private cloud as well as in-house hybrid environments. Managing these multitude of environments takes away most of the time and resources.

Welcome Micro Focus HCM

Micro Focus Hybrid Cloud Management is DevOps driven cloud management solution which helps enterprises to design, deploy and manage IT services across any cloud environment.

You can think of it as an aggregator of all your IT Services which could be managed using one single platform.

You may ask, do we need another platform in the already growing list of infrastructure management tools. Here are four capabilities which will be a welcome addition to better manage your existing cloud environments.

Cost Optimization

Micro Focus HCM allows you to aggregate services from all public cloud providers in one single interface. You can configure all your infrastructure requirements and analyze which provider best meets your needs and budgets. It also enables you to track cloud usage, estimate spends and enforce governance in your cloud usage policy.

Reuse Service Designs

Switching cloud providers is a norm these days. You would want to use the best provider based on your technology and infrastructure needs. Micro Focus HCM enables you to create service designs once and deploy it anywhere regardless of provider, application or infrastructure. This comes in very handy when you have to quickly switch providers and don’t have the time to re-design the services.

Centralized Portal

With a self-service portal, Users can subscribe to cloud offerings which have been customized in form of services. IT Teams can provide a catalog to business teams so that they can select the IT Services which are needed for their respective applications.

Automate IT Processes

Micro Focus HCM comes with a drag-and-drop workflow designer. IT Teams can design processes so as to automate actions and outcomes. Micro Focus HCM also comes with 8000+ pre-built Actions and Processes which cuts down custom process development time and effort.


Hybrid cloud environments have become an absolute necessity, given the pace at which enterprises are growing and the need to have elastic infrastructure capacities. Micro Focus HCM empowers IT teams to streamline processes related to hybrid cloud management. Not only does it save time for all stakeholders, but it also enables them to better manage disparate cloud environments.