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How did a major telcom boosts its business performance using Field Service Management platform?

Telco Companies are on the constant lookout to improve their business performance and customer service. With hoards of competitors in the industry, most Telcos face huge challenges, especially with regards to customer acquisition as well as retention.

In today’s blog, we will cover one such success story where a Major Telco improved its business performance by empowering its field force with top-notch technology solutions thus improving overall customer experience.

The said Telco is an industry leader and controlled substantial market share in the Mobile, Broadband, and Data Services space (pls validate service lines). Having said that, they were facing major hurdles in servicing their customers by way of frequent business disruptions due to lack of information available to technicians and field force.


They realized that they had to empower their field staff as well as in-house staff with an integrated Field Service Management Platform which would enable seamless servicing of customer requests as well as avoid disruptions to business as usual.

Below is a list of objectives they set out for:

  • Monitor field activities on the real-time basis
  • Audit field activities and track the progress in real-time
  • Comply with organizational standards in day to day field activities
  • Identify and Track Fault from different ITSM modules and take them to closure
  • Track Field team availability on the real-time basis
  • Generate a checklist of different sites and create work order if any fault at the site


Serviceberry analyzed the current method used by the Telco to service work orders and manage field staff. After deep consulting and analysis, Serviceberry together with the leadership team at the Telco decided they had to implement a system which would bridge the gap between field staff and the office which hosted their customer data and core ITSM systems.

The perfect fit for such a situation is ServiceNow Field Service Management. Serviceberry implemented ServiceNow FSM for the Telco in record time.

Through ServiceNow FSM, field technicians were empowered with custom mobile apps that were integrated with the Telco's ITSM systems. This connected solution helped bring about real-time insights and helped resolve customer issues more proactively.

Here is a list of areas which were impacted as a result of this implementation:

  • An Integrated Mobile app which provides near real-time data to the field team
  • Created checklist and process which would ensure adherence to organization standards
  • Generate work orders for non-compliant cases
  • Auto Assignment of work order based on availability, skill, location,and workload
  • Ticket visibility on the basis of organizations hierarchy
  • Google Map-based location tracking and travel time analysis
  • Speed governance for organization compliance to monitor the speed of each field users in real-time
  • Automation of work order creation based on criteria set by Business for Incidents/Change/Case/Problem
  • Audit checklist to track the safety and standard compliances of organization
  • Permit work activity for site maintenance and request for proactive activities and approval


ServiceNow Field Service Management enabled productivity improvement for field force as well as in-house staff.

Here are the three macro objectives which were addressed as a result of this program:

Reduced Business Disruptions

Reactive repairs that stop work were replaced with proactive scheduled maintenance

One Team

Field team were constantly connected to the office, thus giving customer service and IT team visibility into field service activities


Mobilized technicians enabled better schedule management, location guidance, and task management.