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Getting to know the Micro Focus Data Protector, a complete solution for disaster recovery and data management

In our previous blogs, we have covered several ITOM Solutions that help you optimize your IT Environment, Service Availability and ITSM Best Practices.Today we will look the most critical piece in the ITOM game i.e. Data Protection.

As businesses diversify across cities, countries and continents; their infrastructure becomes that much more complex and vulnerable to security as well as natural threats.

Enterprises are generating 100s of terabytes in data each year. This data includes customer information, employee information, statutory information and all transactions related to each. Add to that, this data is spread across in-house data centers, multiple cloud data centers and offices across the globe.

It would take a minor security breach or natural disaster to disrupt business as usual, given the interconnectedness of data centers and dependency of 100s of business applications on this data.

Introducing Micro Focus Data Protector

Micro Focus Data Protector is an end-to-end solution for data backup and disaster recovery in enterprises. It simplifies and standardizes protection of enterprise data regardless of the size and scale needed for large deployments.

Here is a list of things which we like about MF Data Protector.


Micro Focus Data Protector enables you to centrally manage backup and recoveries regardless of the location of your physical or virtual servers. You can schedule backups for variety of systems ranging from servers, applications, hypervisors, storage solutions and more.

Security is another feature which is ingrained in MF Data Protector. Micro Focus uses a secure transport protocol to preserve all communication between servers and clients so as to ensure zero leakages or data breach.

Automated, instant recovery

Instant recoveries are possible for leading, most common enterprise systems from Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, etc. Data Managers can manually recover individual items by leveraging GUI based self-service interface.

Data Protector also provides OBDR a.k.a One Button Disaster Recovery, which enables you to recover and boot the device in question directly from the tape it was backed up on. It supports bare metal recovery both of windows and linux environments.

Cloud and virtual machines

MF Data Protector readily integrates with Dell/ EMC and NetBackup which are the leaders in storage solutions. Native integration with cloud providers like AWS, Azure also makes data protection across storage and cloud seamless.

Virtual Machines can be backed up remotely regardless if they are agentless or with a dedicated agent. Data Protector’s advanced restore capabilities enables IT teams to recover complete VMs or do a file level restore.


Data Protector comes with an advanced monitoring and reporting capabilities. IT Teams can measure KPIs and SLAs of mission critical applications using easy to understand dashboards and reports.

They can also automate backup workflows to save administration time as well as avoid human errors.


In today’s day and age, Data is Gold. It is imperative to have a robust data protection solution which will ensure business continuity and scalability. Enterprises need a DR Platform which can restore IT Systems to their closest Live form when a disaster or security breach takes place. Think of it as an insurance policy for your data.

Micro Focus Data Protector is the best solution in the market which solves this problem in full. With its legacy in IT Operations Management together with integrations with key software and hardware vendors; Micro Focus offers the best data protection solution for enterprises.