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Cloud and Infrastructure

Applications that started as simple web-based applications have now become large and complex at the enterprise level. Also, you can use many different kinds of devices to access these apps, from laptops and mobile phones to smart watches and other wearable devices that make up the Internet of Things (IoT). As a result, these applications need to handle many concurrent connections and an increasing volume of unstructured data.

In response to the fast-changing pace of applications, the underlying infrastructure has also morphed from the conventional manually deployed devices into a software-driven infrastructure referred to as the cloud. Because of these significant changes, the architectural models that were once used to build web apps can no longer handle the level of complexity, load, and automation needed for large, modern cloud apps.

Hence, today, 90% of companies use some or other type of cloud service. Our Cloud and Infrastructure CoE leverages this opportunity to give our customers adequate cloud computing service. The team under this CoE works on implementing modern infrastructure, platforms, and data intelligence for a seamless migration to the cloud.