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How challenging it is to optimize modern networks and how to combat them?

Hello and welcome to yet another blog from Serviceberry. Today we look at Micro Focus NOM, the Network Management suite from Micro Focus.

The trend of employing multiple networking technologies never seems to stop, with more and more enterprises looking to get precision control over their network environments. This has resulted in a distributed network monitoring environment.

Enterprises are now choosing Network Operations Management (NOM)to optimize their modern networks. Several studies show that implementation of a NOM suite results in up to 48% early problem detection than a reduced network management kit.

Welcome Micro Focus NOM, the perfect network operations management tool for the enterprise.

This HPE Network Management Suite (MicroFocus) enables you to unlock efficiencies by breaking down siloes in network management and reducing tool sprawl. The platform allows you to oversee critical management functions like health, performance, and configuration status in one single platform. It also provides end to end knowledge management across multi-vendor technologies employed by your company and delivers robust depth and breadth across operations. Not only is the efficiency increased, Micro Focus also reduces the total cost of ownership as you save on support and training costs, and make fewer software investments.

What Can the MicroFocus NOM do for your enterprise?

Designed to efficiently manage all the aspects of modern networks, this tool features an extensive collection of included and user tailorable NOM reports. With MicroFocus NOM, you can:

Keep a Track of Network Health and Configuration

The high speed spiral discovery of the suite gives you an accurate view of all the dynamic networks your enterprise is using. You can take up rapid troubleshooting and resolution with the real time device configuration data. The health and performance reports (traffic data) enable you to undertake deep investigation of the issues and plan for adjusting capacities.

This means that you can manage your SDN, virtual and physical networks with a single normalized view, instead of handling siloed vendor tools.

Optimize Capacity and Compliance

MicroFocus NOM delivers deep insights and analytics to help you optimize your modern networks. With compliance reports, you can plan for future requirements as well. These reports enable the NOCs and engineering team to collaboratively work on network configuration issues and compliance status. The suite keeps you updated about the changes as they happen in real time, and flags them as authorized or rogue to enforce compliance. You can orchestrate network configuration and updates, and automate the remediation of security vulnerabilities in real time.

Generate Quality and Dependable Reporting

The reports generated by the suite meet COBIT, GLBA, HIPPA and PCI standards, which means that all your modern networks are assessed and evaluated as per benchmark standards. Reports include options for displayed metrics and grouping, adjusting for planned device outages, time ranges and more, which you can operate through an easy to access menu. You can view these reports in real time, or email and export them in multiple formats like HTML, PDF, Excel and CSV to use later.

Apart from these, the Risk Dashboard of MicroFocus NOM helps you visualize security vulnerabilities across the network. The extensive data collection of the suite delivers information to both the dashboards, and provides specific reports to enable the operations and engineering staff to monitor and act on risks in real time.

For enterprises working on multiple modern networks, Micro Focus NOM provides a one stop solution for configuration and compliance management. If you are in the market for a Network Operations Management platform, you should give Micor Focus NOM a try.