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Accathon 2019 - Get Set Code!

What happens at a Hackathon held at an emerging technologies company, it becomes an idea box for the next big product, feature or solution.

The annual AccionLabs technical hackathon ‘Accathon’ was held on November 16, 2019, across developments centres in India. The multi-city event saw enthusiastic participation from 200+ Accionites from Bangalore, Goa, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

It was a milieu of interesting ideas, teamwork and solutions thinking using the latest technology tools. The teams were at its best and got hands-on with machine learning, AI, blockchain, chatbots, robotic process automation and other emerging technologies to get their ideas into action. The 12-hour marathon saw the teams tough it out on their programming skills. The best teams will win a direct spot to present their solution to a global audience at the Accion Labs global innovation summit to be held in Goa next year.

Some of the interesting projects that teams came up with included extension to Springfox Swagger, integrating Nexial with Jira and Jenkin, a Trip Advisor app, speech to text application, a panic app for health emergencies, cross-platform web apps, serverless data lake and advanced BI analytics reference architecture and more.

“It's a great coding festival that happens across all our development centres in India. We encourage new ideas from the teams. The best ideas then get a chance to get groomed by our senior management with and mentoring under our CTO Ashutosh Bijoor and gets showcased at our annual innovation summit. This is a source of motivation for others to see the value of the event and the next big product launch could be their idea. The participation is just growing with every year with newer technologies playing out like blockchain, machine learning, and AI,” said Ramesh Narasimhan, MD, India, AccionLabs.

“Emerging technologies are a moving target. Our innovation teams have to keep themselves updated on new tools and frameworks on technologies like blockchain, machine learning, AI and more. Accathon is a great opportunity to break away from project boundaries and explore and build on new ideas. We nurture the best ideas and showcase them at our annual innovation summit,” said Ashutosh Bijoor, CTO, Accion Labs

The event was held in a ‘no work all play’ style, so participants got to wear Accathon T-Shirts, come in casuals, there was music to relax, snacks at the desks and lunch arranged. Regular and generous help was available to all the teams. All participants were given ‘Certificates of Participation’ at the end of the event.