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An Emergency Healthcare Mobile App (1)

An Emergency Healthcare Mobile App

Emergency response is a critical aspect of healthcare organizations, requiring highly-skilled and efficient resources. To help these medics and paramedics perform their actions, ambulances use a bulky medical manual. These 350+ page manuals are designed to help medics attend to the patient's condition and make decisions about the activity and medication that needs to be provided. Naturally, finding and accessing the required data can be tedious and cost critical time in such an emergency.

To provide quicker access to required information, Accion Labs was the partner of choice for one of the reputed ambulance service providers to design a mobile application that would enable the medics and paramedics in the ambulance to get quick access and guidance from the manual on the go.

  • Digitalized manual
  • Manual information segregated into categories
  • Quick search
  • All information at fingertips

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