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 Accion Labs’ Innovative Solutions for Private Equity & Portfolio Companies

Accion Labs’ Innovative Solutions for Private Equity & Portfolio Companies

Founded in 2011 in Pittsburgh, Accion Labs is one of the leading tech services firms specializing in innovation and product engineering. With a global presence and over 5,000 employees, we specialize in helping Private Equity (PE) partners drive value and accelerate innovation within their portfolios by leveraging our technological expertise. With more than a decade of experience collaborating with PE & portfolio companies, we have a track record of delivering value, while reducing operational costs, and driving faster and greater Return on Investment (ROI). Our commitment to emerging technologies, continuous skills development, and a culture of innovation and learning has made us one of the fastest-growing tech services firms for five consecutive years.

Our Global Footprint

Accion Labs has a robust international presence, with development centers and offices strategically located across North America, Latin America, Europe, and the APAC region. Our key locations include:

  • North America: Pittsburgh (HQ), Toronto, Austin, Santa Clara, Baltimore, Raleigh, Orlando

  • Latin America: Colombia, Guadalajara

  • Europe: London, Hanover, Vienna, Prague, Bucharest

  • APAC: Dubai, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Goa, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Bangkok

What We Offer

Accion Labs delivers unmatched value to PE firms and their portfolio companies through

Speed of Execution

We offer accelerated development timelines using agile methodologies, distributed development centers, and automated development processes. We excel in rapid designing and prototyping and offer several pre-built components and frameworks for optimal utilization.

Value Creation

We are focused on cost and process optimization, ensuring scalability, and leveraging our industry expertise to deliver innovative software solutions.


We leverage emerging technologies and agile development practices to ensure process innovation. We are extensively supported by specialized facilities like the Accion Innovation Center (AIC) and the Extended Delivery Center (EDC).

Process Infographics diagram-01

Operating Benefits to PE Portfolio Firms

Accelerated time to market Accion Labs works closely with portfolio companies to strategically plan and execute product launches, leveraging its expertise in streamlining product development processes. By identifying and eliminating inefficiencies in the production process, we ensure that products are brought to market faster. This acceleration not only generates revenue sooner but also allows companies to seize market opportunities before competitors, enhancing their market share and profitability.
Reduce technical debt Our experts help companies in modernizing outdated systems, improving infrastructure, and adopting more efficient technologies, which ultimately leads to long-term cost savings and increased competitiveness.
Accion accelerators (Breeze, Nexial, Maze) Each accelerator is designed to focus on specific areas such as technology, innovation, or market expansion, providing portfolio companies with access to resources, mentorship, and technical opportunities to help them achieve their goals quickly.
Flex capacity We help PE firms & portfolio companies optimize their capacity utilization by providing guidance on scaling operations up or down based on market demand. This flexibility allows companies to adapt more efficiently to changing business conditions, minimizing costs during downturns, and maximizing revenue during periods of growth.
Blended cost of execution Accion Labs helps portfolio companies optimize their cost structures for efficiency. We help in identifying areas where costs can be reduced without compromising quality or performance. This approach enables companies to achieve a lower blended cost of execution, improving their profitability and establish a competitive position in the market.
Process innovations & strategies Accion Labs introduces best practices for efficiency, helping portfolio companies optimize their processes and workflows. By implementing innovative strategies and methodologies,  we enable companies to streamline operations, reduce waste, and enhance productivity. These process innovations drive operational excellence, enabling companies to deliver products and services more efficiently and effectively.
Strong IP protection We help companies implement legal measures and policies to safeguard their intellectual property (IP). By providing guidance on IP protection strategies, Accion Labs ensures that companies' innovations are adequately protected from infringement and misappropriation. This protection not only preserves the value of companies' IP assets but also enhances their competitive advantage in the market.
Access to Centers of Excellence (CoEs) Accion Labs provides portfolio companies with access to specialized support through its Centers of Excellence (CoEs). By tapping into these specialized resources, portfolio companies can leverage the latest industry trends, technologies, and best practices to drive innovation and achieve their strategic objectives more effectively.
Extended Delivery Center (EDC model) Accion Labs' EDC model facilitates access to a global talent pool, enabling portfolio companies to scale delivery capabilities efficiently. By leveraging distributed teams across different locations, companies can overcome talent shortages, reduce costs, and accelerate project timelines. This flexible approach ensures optimal resource utilization, resilience against disruptions, and access to diverse skills, driving efficiency and innovation in delivery processes.

Why Partner with Us?

strategy Strategic
  • Flex-up and flex-down resources 

  • Concentrated efforts on core as well as growing product lines, fostering expansion 

  • Outcome-oriented partnership via SLAs

  • Seamless transfer of “end-to-end ownership” of legacy & aging products

  • Utilization of partner expertise to re-engineer tech stack

  • Opportunities for cross-selling within Accion's PEs and client base

process Operational
  • Dedicated and secure service delivery across all global locations

  • Expansion of Extended Delivery Center (EDC) to other internal/external functions

  • Time-zone flexibility and multilingual support where necessary 

  • Streamlined product categorization under technology or functional boundaries for enhanced management 

  • Improved service delivery through automation

  • Three-pronged leadership and governance for effective management 

growth Financial
  • Improved profitability of products 

  • Improvement in product EBITDA

  • Cost arbitrage 

  • Investment in innovative solutions

  • Revenue growth through partnerships

  • Increased revenue via cross-selling within the portfolio

  • Competitive and outcome-oriented pricing structures


Boost Your Portfolio Performance Effortlessly with Us