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A Virtual Platform to Connect Patients & Doctors

A Virtual Platform to ConnectPatients & Doctors

Globally, telehealth and telemedicine are on the rise, as they provide a valuable alternative to personal care where it is hard for the doctor or patient to reach the physical location. This is especially a problem in developing countries, where there is a disparity in the patient to doctor ratio in remote parts. India has a severe shortage of mental health professionals. And those mental health professionals are concentrated in cities and are not easily accessible. There is also a high level of stigma among the population about mental health treatments. Thus, Accion Labs, along with a US-based startup, collaborated on this project that sought to address this need with a simple, convenient, and affordable mental health counseling application.

As patients can undergo treatments from wherever they are, the treatment process becomes efficient and effective, increasing comfort and reduced stigma. It also increases patients' and doctors' reach to the entire nation rather than the short traveling distances that provide complete workflows for the entire treatment lifecycle. Key features include:

  • Patient can search for doctors
  • Ability to search and filter doctors
  • Patient can book an appointment with a doctor
  • Patient and doctor can virtually connect through in-app messaging & Skype
  • All patient history is available at the doctor's fingertips

The mobile app is easy-to-use and straightforward, with an interface for doctors and patients. This technology enables healthcare services to reach the remotest of places and efficiently provides treatment, increasing the patient's comfort.

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