Tapping into the Voice of Customer (VOC)

The purpose of business is to create a customer- Peter DruckerIn today’s highly competitive business landscape, the focus on understanding customer’s pain points and using that to change the product or service is becoming more and more important. Voice of the Customer (VoC) is a term that describes a customer’s feedback about experiences with and expectations for products or services. The purpose of a VoC is twofold:

Gomes SubramaniamGomes Subramaniam | 2nd December 2015
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Big Data Improving Clinical Outcomes

From banking to retail, many sectors have already embraced big data, regardless of whether the information comes from private or public sources. Traditionally, the healthcare sector has lagged behind other industries in the use of big data. Part of the problem stems from resistance to change as providers are accustomed to making their own decisions, rather than relying on protocols based on big data. However, with regulatory and marketplace changes, players in the healthcare space are now looking at analytics and big data from a different perspective altogether.

Anand MenonAnand Menon | 16th August 2015
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Swipe to delete implementation using AngularJS

Swipe-to-delete is an amazing user interface technique. This feature allows you to save space for rest of the design elements as well as improve user experience. It is also commonly found in iOS messaging app, whatsapp or in any of the recent updates in Gmail.To explain this feature in AngularJS, we will be using a simple app. Although not a full-fledged application, nevertheless this will give you a basic idea on how this feature works.

Shahid ShaikhShahid Shaikh | 30th June 2015
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A framework for categorizing and comparing cloud platforms – OpenStack, AWS, Heroku, CloudFoundry!

Thanks to Alex Popsecu’s NoSql blog, found a well articulated thesis by Johan den Haan, CTO at Mendix. Johan proposes a framework that describes the various layers of cloud platform services starting from virtualized hardware up to end-user software applications. This framework can also be used to categorize various cloud platforms such as OpenStack, Amazon Web Services, Heroku and CloudFoundry.

Ashutosh BijoorAshutosh Bijoor | 4th April 2014
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