Importance of flushing data in unit test cases

While writing unit test cases, it is a good practice to clear and flush the session. When an application is executed in real time, there are several requests, responses or different transactions due to which the session/cache gets cleared. On the other hand, while running a unit test, everything happens as part of a single process i.e the session (especially hibernate) has rotten values or old references which leads to raising of certain exceptions at times.

Aseem JainAseem Jain | 14th July 2015
Data,Flushing, Unit test cases, Repository, Transactions

Case study of Selenium – data integration into a big data repository

Selenium is a software testing framework for web applications. It is an open-source platform, released under the Apache 2.0 license. Selenium is used to automate functional testing of web interfaces within web browsers. It can also be used for automating web applications, especially for testing purposes. However, Selenium being a single threaded JAVA application may not be suitable for load testing. In addition to this, Selenium can be used to automate web-based administration as well. In particular, we had a requirement from a media company to automatically extract data from multiple web applications, each having separate login credentials.

Ashutosh BijoorAshutosh Bijoor | 13th December 2013
Big data,Repository, Testing framework, Open source