Big Data Improving Clinical Outcomes

From banking to retail, many sectors have already embraced big data, regardless of whether the information comes from private or public sources. Traditionally, the healthcare sector has lagged behind other industries in the use of big data. Part of the problem stems from resistance to change as providers are accustomed to making their own decisions, rather than relying on protocols based on big data. However, with regulatory and marketplace changes, players in the healthcare space are now looking at analytics and big data from a different perspective altogether.

Anand MenonAnand Menon | 16th August 2015
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Choosing a NoSQl Database – technology comparison matrix

The big data technology landscape consists of such a large number of choices, that often the most critical step in successfully implementing a solution is choosing the right platform that will address the requirements of the problem at hand, and that is sustainable in the long term. With such a large number of choices though, doing a feature-wise comparison of all individual platforms is just too complex and time consuming. However, it is possible to group these options based on the data models they support.

Ashutosh BijoorAshutosh Bijoor | 15th October 2014
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Hadoop for Fraud Analytics

Flourishing Technology Industry posses the other side of the coin as well. With an exponential rise in the secured internet usage comes the loop holes to get through those security doors. Fraud applies to all industries and affects businesses of all sizes. Online fraud is an unfortunate consequence of today’s globalized living and closely connected world.

Ashutosh BijoorAshutosh Bijoor | 19th March 2014
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Node.js modules to build sentiment analysis application and analyze Twitter Data

Node.js is a popular server-side implementation of JavaScript. Its lightweight, event-based concurrency model lends itself naturally to building a real-time service with a large number of concurrent connections. Node.js also has its followers as well as annoyed skeptics, just like other technologies.

Ashutosh BijoorAshutosh Bijoor | 14th March 2014
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