QA & Automation Solutions

Complexity of software and heterogeneity of technology platforms continues to grow. Today, a typical software is built using a mix of custom developed code, partner-developed code, third-party libraries and open-source tools/components.

Besides this, organizations are expected to release their software far more frequently. Gone are the days when you can release your software updates once per year or once per quarter. In the age of Agile development, SaaS platforms and RIA (Rich Internet apps), users expect new features and enhancements delivered to them if not weekly, at least monthly.

These changes – increasing software complexity, layered multi-party architectures, Agile delivery models and rising user expectations have challenged QA organizations to rethink their role in the SDLC, their best-practices, their processes and the tools they use.

Through the years, Accion Labs has been part of this fundamental shift. We have seen QA organizations evolve from a back-office ‘support’ organization to the more ‘sought-after’ engineering teams into an active ‘partner’ and in some ways, a driver that helps accelerate the software development and release.

Our QA practice, consisting of over 100+ QA Engineers, Automation engineers, SDETs (Software Developer in Test) and QA Architects has deep experience in a range of testing approaches such as – manual testing, automated testing, QE framework development, API/REST/Back-end testing, load testing, performance testing, cross-platform testing, Mobile testing, etc.Our resources have expertise in a range of QA automation tools such as QA management tool, Unit testing frameworks, Web testing frameworks, Load/performance testing tools, Web Services testing tools, Behavior Driven Testing tools, etc. Additionally, teams have experience supporting ancillary tools such as build management, build automation, continuous integration, release automation, installation/configuration tools, etc.

QA & Automation Solutions Capabilities

  • Our QA practice has over 100+ resources with experience in almost all types of testing – manual, automated, back-end, REST, API, white-box, black-box, functional, regression, performance and load testing
  • Accion QA Leads and Architects have experience of defining QA lifecycle, developing Test Frameworks or Reference Architectures, building Test Harnesses, deploying/administering test automation software, training developers in TDD, Unit Testing frameworks, etc
  • 100% of our QA Engineers are trained and proficient in Agile methodology and tools that support Agile process (such as JIRA Agile, Redmine, Version One, etc)
  • Strong experience with commercial automation tools such as HP Quality Center, HP QTP, Silk Test, IBM Rational Robot, Loadrunner, Test Compelte, Visual Studio Test Manager, TFS and others
  • Strong experience with Open-source Testing tool such as Selenium (with Java, C#, Python and Ruby), Watir, CubicTest, Maveryx, Apache JMeter and many others
  • Experience with Behavior Testing Tools such as Specflow, Cucumber, Behave, Opencafe, etc
  • Accion team has experience with a range of Javascript testing frameworks such as Jasmine, Mocha, Chai, Karma, Should.js, etc
  • Accion team has provided testing support to new development projects, maintenance/support projects and rewrite/re-engineering projects
  • Accion SDET engineers have full lifecycle experience in one or more programming languages such as Python, C#, Ruby, Java, etc. They bring experience in other programming best-practices such as OOAD, design patterns, UML, TDD, etc. They also have experience of developing Unit
  • Testcases using Unit Testing framework such as JUnit, NUnit, PyUnit, etc)
  • Over the years, Accion has built a range of frameworks/tools/libraries to support our QE projects – this includes Accion’s Performance
  • Testing Framework, Mobile Testing Framework, Selenium Test Harness, Test Data Generator, etc.

Below is a sampling of tools/framework Accion team uses for their QA/QA Automation services:


QA & Automation Solutions Stories

Customer:A leading big data analytics
Assisted a leading big data analytics platform provider implement a behavior testing tool and process.
Environment: ASP.Net, C#, MVC/Entity, WCF, WWF, SpecFlow, Selenium/C#

Customer: A leading cloud platform
Helped a leading cloud platform provider with implementing an automation testing framework for testing of a range of business applications, SOA services and platform/tools.
Environment: Java/J2EE, Selenium/Java, Selenium/Python, OpenCafe, Openstack, Cucumber, Python

Customer:A supply chain software product firm
Helped a supply chain software product firm implement a Web 2.0 and Jaavascript testing framework using Selenium, Mocha.
Environment: AngularJS, Java, Spring, Grunt, AWS, Mocha, MongoDB, REST Services

Customer: A well-known enterprise-content management software firm
Helped a well-known enterprise-content management software firm develop and build a large scale data management and archival product. In this project Accion team helped implement Selenium Webdriver, Selenium Grid, Selenium RC.
Environment: Java, Spring, Hibernate, MongoDB, Selenium Webdriver, Selenium Grid and RC

Customer:A leading health-care content platform firm
Assisted a leading health-care content platform firm develop a range of performance management and tracking apps using Microsoft .Net, AngularJS. Accion team helps this product firm with full lifecycle QA services that includes manual QA, automation QA and performance testing.
Environment: AngularJS, REST, SQL, Selenium, C#, MongoDB

Customer:A leading legal software firm
Assisted a leading legal software firm migrate their products from a legacy MacOS application platform to Rich AngularJS based UI and Python/REST. In this initiative, Accion’s QA team was involved in QE framework development/deployment, manual QA, Web automation, Service automation and automation of the backend / batch jobs testing.
Environment: Python, AngularJS, REST, MySQL, Selenium, Django, Behave (BDD testing tool)

QA/QE Automation Services

Advisory services

Our Advisory services include:

  • QA 3P (Platform, Process, People) Assessment
  • QE Automation Roadmap Development
  • QE Automation Product Evaluation/Deployment (BDD, TDD, Web, Load, Performance, etc)
  • QA Agile Alignment
  • Test Framework Development/Deployment
  • Implementation of Test Management tool

Execution services

Our execution services include:

  • Test Case Development (for an existing application)
  • Migration to a QA Tools Suite (e.g. Migration to Selenium, Migration to TFS or to HP-QC/QTP)
  • Testing of applications across Mobile devices
  • Implementation of a Behavior Testing tool (Behave, Cucumber, Opencafe, etc)
  • Performance/Load testing of Web Services, Web Apps, APIs
  • TDD enablement of existing Applications/Code Base (using JUnit, NUnit or another Unit Testing framework)
  • Implementation / Integration of Javascript Testing Tool