Product Engineering and Development

Every software technology executive knows how different commercial product development is from internal IT system development. One has to worry about product road mapping, cross-platform development and testing, sophisticated versioning and release engineering needs and finally continuous innovation and IP protection needs.

Accion Labs offers a range of product engineering and R&D services to software product firms – this covers product management, product engineering, product support and professional services. We offer these services to companies at different stages of growth (startups, early stage, mid-stage, etc), different business models (SaaS, licensed software, open-source, etc) and different domains (healthcare, e-commerce, e-business, retail, platform software, media, etc)

Accion offers these services in a range of engagement models – turn-key projects, offshore leveraged EDCs, co-owned IP, shared-risk outcome-oriented models and professional staffing.

Product Engineering Capabilities

  • We offer PDLC services across technology platforms (Java, .Net, Python, Ruby, LAMP, Mobile, Big Data, etc)
  • Our clients are a mix of startups, early stage firms, mid-stage firms, growing firms and matured software firms
  • Our project experience includes new product development, maintenance/support, re-engineering, reverse engineering, platform porting, localization, etc.
  • We offer a mix of upstream architecture definition, strategy development services and core product development /implementation services
  • Our innovation group has experience of building innovative solutions using a mix of social media, mobility, big data and cloud technologies
  • Besides product engineering, we have strong experience with product management, professional services, product support and other functions within a product firm
  • Most of our talent (at least 50%) has worked with a product firm prior to joining Accion Labs. We focus on hiring resources from leading e-business, e-commerce and technology firms.
  • 100% of our resources are trained on Agile, TDD, design patterns, unit testing frameworks, MDD, BDD and automation – key to success in a PDLC environment
  • Accion team has experience in a number of supporting processes/tools – build automation, version control, continuous integration, DevOps automation, etc
  • For platform software clients, we have expertise in areas such as multi-threading, high-performance computing, network communication, advanced data structures, statistical analysis, etc

Product Engineering Case Stories

Customer: A leading platform software firm
Assisting a leading platform software firm in backup and archival space develop a number of software products in the Java and open-source technology.
Environment: Java/J2EE, Spring, AngularJS, JSF, MongoDB

Customer: An innovative startup in the e-business space
Helped an innovative startup in the e-business space develop a mass communication platform using BackboneJS and Java.
Environment: BackboneJS, CouchDB, Java/J2EE, Spring/Hibernate, Apache ServiceMix/CXF, AWS, MySQL

Customer: A leading platform technology firm in the Cloud space
Helped a leading platform technology firm in the Cloud space with migration their Vaadin based data management platform to AngularJS.
Environment: AngularJS, REST, Vaadin, Java, Hadoop Mapreduce, MongoDB, Postgress, MySQL

Customer: A leading provider of supply chain and workforce management software
Helped a leading provider of supply chain and workforce management software firm re-engineer their core applications from Microsoft ASP and ASP.Net platforms to Java/Spring and AngularJS UI.
Environment: Java/Spring (Batch, AOP, IOC, Integration, etc), AWS, AngularJS, Mocha, Grunt, SQL Server

Customer: A leading health-care education firm
Assisted a leading health-care education firm develop a range of performance management and tracking apps using Microsoft .Net, AngularJS.
Environment: AngularJS, REST, SQL, Selenium, C#, MongoDB

Customer: A leading legal software firm
Assisted a leading legal software firm maintain and support their legacy systems and then re-engineering to a Rich AngularJS based UI and Python/REST.
Environment: Python, AngularJS, REST, MySQL, Selenium, Django, Behave (BDD testing tool)

Product Engineering Services

Advisory services

Our Advisory services include:

  • Product Roadmap Development
  • Re-engineering Strategy Development (UI, Data Model, Platform, Toolkit, etc)
  • SDLC/PDLC Definition
  • Agile Alignment
  • SDLC Tools Assessment (version control, build automation, continuous integration, DevOps, release engineering, etc)
  • Release Process Assessment/Definition
  • QA/QE Process Assessment
  • Project Management Methodology/Tools Assessment/Definition

Execution services

Our execution services include:

  • New Application Development on contemporary platforms such as RIA, RDBMS, NoSQL
  • Migration of existing apps to a contemporary platforms
  • Independent QA/Testing
  • Maintenance and Support of existing / legacy products
  • Collaborative or Professional staff augmentation
  • Reverse-engineering of large code bases/applications
  • Setup of R&D focused EDCs (extended delivery centers) in our India centers
  • Nearshore EDC setup (in US, Europe and APAC)