Our Clients

Accion clients include a technology firms ranging from start-ups, growth-stage product firms, matured product firms, SaaS firms, e-business firms and enterprise IT organizations. Our clients come from a diverse set of industries such as platform software, retail software, financial software, online media, social media, insurance, legal and education industries. Below is a partial list of our clients:

Start-up and Early-stage Firms

  • A leading provider of talent management software for the returning US war veterans
  • Developer of remote health-monitoring and care management software
  • A SaaS-based retail analytic product provider for the leading US retailers
  • An innovative provider of SaaS-based marketing automation platform for the destination marketing industry
  • A venture-funded firm with a SaaS platform for Cloud Brokering services
  • Developer of an e-loyalty management platform

Growth-stage firms

  • A leading provider of e-prescription software for the US health-care industry
  • The provider of IP-video and TV technology and platform
  • Developer of remote health-monitoring and care management software

Matured Product/SaaS firms

  • A leading provider of EAI and SOA platform software
  • A leading provider of Search technology and archival software
  • A leading provider of SaaS-based ITLM (IT Lifecycle Management) platform
  • A leading e-business service provider in the US Mortgage Origination services

Enterprise IT Organizations

  • A leading provider of technology solutions to the US defense industy
  • A large supply-chain and logistics service provider to the US retail industry
  • A leading producer of Consumer Packaged Goods in the pet food segment
  • A leading provider of Mortgage Servicing services to leading banks and financial services
  • A leading provider of Residential Healthcare Services

Please contact us at info@accionlabs.com to know more about our clients and to get a copy of our case-studies.


Here are some testimonials from our customers

“Your team has done a great job. This project was hard and had tight timelines — I was impressed how quickly your team understood our complex code base and implemented all the changes – we are ready for release for the holidays. Nice!”
E-Commerce Platform Director
Large Retailer

“I want to thank Accion team for providing a 24 x 7 support to us during the UAT cycle. Without which we would not have been able to go production on-time. Also, thanks for taking our numerous calls …”
Director of Development
Retail product firm

“The cut-over was a great success! Appreciate everyone working hard through the past few months and over the weekend. You made it seem easy!”
VP of Applications/Ops
Leading CPG firm

“Please pass my special Thank you to the entire Accion team. I like the white-box CDC (Collaborative Development Center) model. It allowed me to deliver the Nov release at least 30 days ahead of schedule.”
VP of Development
HRMS/Talent Management software product firm

“Congratulations to the entire team! I know the past 90 days have been tough … you guys pulled off an impossible transition. Let us please take a weekend off now.”
VP of Applications/CIO
SaaS-based product firm

“My preference is always your company filling our professional staffing requirements. Managers have always been impressed with your candidates and your track records for actual reports is higher than most of the firms I work with. Trust me.. I don’t normally give praise out to the partner firms.”
HR Manager
Large defense technology firm