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Aseem Jain

Horizontal vs. Vertical Scaling

Horizontal scaling helps you scale up to your computing requirements by adding more machines or servers to your resource pool, while vertical scaling helps you do that by adding more power or computing resources (CPU, RAM) to your existing infrastructure. Vertical scaling can essentially resize you

Aseem JainAseem Jain | 11th January 2016
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Importance of flushing data in unit test cases

While writing unit test cases, it is a good practice to clear and flush the session. When an application is executed in real time, there are several requests, responses or different transactions due to which the session/cache gets cleared. On the other hand, while running a unit test, everything happens as part of a single process i.e the session (especially hibernate) has rotten values or old references which leads to raising of certain exceptions at times.

Aseem JainAseem Jain | 14th July 2015
Data,Flushing, Unit test cases, Repository, Transactions