Intellectual Property

Being in the technology industry, we realize how important Intellectual Property is to our product company clients. More so to the firms in the emerging technology space.

There are a number of measures Accion leadership has taken to ensure our client’s IP is protected. Besides taking extreme care in protecting our client’s IP, Accion also offers a number of innovations and its own IP to enable our clients accelerate the delivery of their products and solutions.

Protecting Client IP

  • We are a US headquartered Delaware-based ‘C corporation. That means, our contracts have US jurisdiction.
  • We ensure all our employees and leadership/management execute client-approved NDA and Inventions agreement.
  • We take special care in ensuring our resources are not assigned to multiple clients – particularly multiple
  • clients in the same industry.
  • Our onboarding, induction and separation processes account for IP protection awareness.
  • We are open to leveraging special client-approved authorization and authentication techniques to ensure only client-approved resources gain access to client code/IP.
  • All our facilities and development center have advanced security features such as finger-print detection, retinal scans, etc

Accion Innovations

In today’s world of rapid innovation, Agile development and LEAN philosophy, it is important that your partner brings more than just an army of developers to build your software.

Over the years, Accion has developed a series of processes, tools and framework that help accelerate software development. Accion offers this IP to our clients through a favorable OEM license (with source-code).

Some of our IP available to our clients are listed below:

  • A comprehensive framework to support Performance and Load testing of RESTful Web Services
  • A Behavior Testing framework using Open Cafe, an open source BDD test framework
  • A big data synchronization platform called ODEBEE that enables synchronization of NoSQL, Hadoop and Graph repositories
  • A number of reusable Reference Architectures in RIA (AngularJS, BackboneJS), Xamarin, iOS, Android, Java/Spring, et
  • A social media integration framework (Social++) that helps in integrating with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube and other social media platforms
  • A visualization framework that supports complex JSON data structures received via RESTFul services

Besides embeddable IP, we also bring significant innovation in process and tools as below:

  • A template driven Agile/Scrum process built upon Redmine, JIRA Agile and TFS
  • A comprehensive Application Monitoring platform for Web apps
  • A project management framework for Agile/Scrum projects